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October Plot Summary for Starbase 118 Ops

StarBase 118 Staff

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Before the crew have even settled into their new roles on Starbase 118 Ops, a chilling new development threatens the base and the lives of everyone on board and within the vicinity.

It begins with a not so delicate plumbing problem in Flight Control and leads into what seem to be simple temperature fluctuations, leaving some areas with sweltering heat and nearly smiling Vulcans ; while frigid temps in other sections of the base send Captain Rogers, Acting First Officer LCMD Atimen, and the rest of the crew scampering to replicate hot drinks and don winter parkas.

Lieutenant Richards, sb118 Ops new ACSO, reveals the difficulties to be triggered by four ion storms, one from each quadrant of the galaxy. They are traveling at transwarp speed and heading straight for the starbase, targeting four fusion reactors. The storms also affect warp fields, preventing area ships from escaping. With energy from the storms already hitting the base and little more than an hour in which to prepare themselves, the base is set to yellow alert and emergency preparations begin.

Destruction escalates on the station with gale force winds and an earthquake that rips apart parts of the promenade. Residents are evacuated to the interior of the base while the crew puts a plan in motion to rotate the base to absorb the storms’ force via maximum utilization of internal and external shielding. As the crew waits for word from ships closer to the storm front, the wary officers brace for impact.

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