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Eskyys - Some time alone.

Jack Stavins

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(( Command Center: Kjenta II ))

ESKYYS: You want to do this? :: Reaching up to his collar he removed the pips and held them in his hand for a moment. Looking at Tyr he dropped them to the floor. :: You do it without me. I quit.

::Tyr looked down where the pips had fallen, mixing in with the gore and blood from the battle. Esk quietly stared at the top of his head and said nothing more. He returned his eyes, dull and unsympathetic, to the Hallian.::

WALTAS::Flatly:: Fine. Then get out of the way. You’re relieved of duty.

ESKYYS: oO Again Oo

:: Esk walked away quietly as Tyr ordered the transports to begin. He could not stay and watch what may happen. He fallowed the passage Amman had taken. When he found the open door he smiled grimly as he walked outside.

After a few minutes he found the Cook laying on the ground like a broken toy. It looked a lot like Esk felt, cracked and buckled along the whole length of its body. Sitting at a 20 degree tilt to port, it took a few minutes to release the hatch and pull himself up into the cabin and found a seat. He sat quietly as he wondered how long it would take before somebody noticed he had not beamed up.

Not that he cared at the moment, once Discovery got back in contact with Starfleet Jen would come for him. He closed his eyes and thought back over the last seven year. Seven year, had it really been that long since he had first met Tyr, not even a Captain then. Esk had spent a lot of time proving he was a good officer for Discovery, even if Tyr could never understand that all Esk wanted was to be the Chief Engineer. He had no desire to ever captain his own ship. He liked being an engineer as much as Rode loved to fly. It was just part of who he was.

But now, his heart was hurting. It was not so much Tyr had accepted his quitting, but what really hurt, he had ignored Esk warning. After all those years working with him, his concern was not just ignored, it was thrown back in his face. He knew everyone was ready to leave this place, but to do so depending on unknown tech was just insane. He would have only needed an hour to go over the equipment, possibly less, with the antenna Discovery probably have pulled them out without even using the equipment. He could have verified than in minutes, but Tyr had not even given him a few minutes to check even that idea out.

Still his only thought was to pray that the transporter had pulled everyone out without further loss of life. His friend did not need anymore death on his hands. With a smile that was almost more grimace than smile he realized he would still remember Tyr as a friend, even if they never saw each other again. After all they where who they where regardless of what happened.


Lt Cmdr Eskyys


USS Discovery-C(?)

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