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Ensign Kydy: Reflections In Time

Sedrin Belasi

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(( USS Vigilant - Observation Lounge ))

Oo Vigliant. oO

::Dr Kydy pondered the term, the name, the definition of the ship she served on. She was very proud of her shipmates. The entire ordeal had been... confusing. She had expected her tour of duty on the Vigilant to be signifigant periods of routine work, interrupted by occasional moments of great intensity with history-making discoveries. Her maiden voyage had turned out to be anything but routine, and if she understood the Captain correctly, they had actually preserved history in this cruise.::

Oo Vigilant. oO

::Kydy absent mindedly rubbed her right breast, it was still sore from earlier, as she pondered the ship. Some things were still a bit unclear for her, but one thing was clear, thanks to the... Vigilance this crew, especially those injured who continued to fight on in what seemed like a losing battle, a losing battle that threatened to crush the morale and spirits of the crew along with the ship. Thanks to them, the ship and her crew was present to live to fight another day. The Temporal Awards this crew had received were more than earned.::

Oo Medical Science Ribbon oO

::Kydy smiled, and applauded and made a note to inquire with Varis and Mathews later, and then just like that, the crew was returning to its routine, the last of the briefings was over, and everyone was leaving the lounge.::

Oo Time to go. oO

::Kydy started to her feet but stopped. Her seat was such that gave her a viewing out the windows of the Observation Lounge. It was kind of a surreal view. The windows gave her a view of the galaxy that was round about them, and in the center, thanks to the reflective nature of windows, she saw her own image, in a pale transparent reflection.::

Oo So what color will they be now. oO

::The reflection did not give her an accurate mirror image of colors. She dropped her head and stared at the table for a moment.::

Oo Oh. oO

::The polished observation lounge table gave her the view she was looking for.::

Oo So, they are a kind of dull grey. oO

::Kydy sighed. The biological mystery of her argelian eyes and their constant change in color was a mystery. Their were many theories for her eye color change. Some said it was hormonal. She did not like that theory even if it was true, it just sounded... too... uncomfortable, uncomfortable to have your hormonal fluctuations on display for the world to see. Some theories tied it to respiration and heart rhythms where the oxygen and nutrients in her blood, as the variable shifted slightly, so would her eye color. Blood-driven eye color was about as unsettling as an Terran-tale of Vampires. There were other theories. Her favorite tied her eye color to her strong empathic sense. Her eyes reflected the feelings she felt, hers and others. Right now she felt...::

Oo Sad. oO

::The loss of life was something she knew she was going to have to expect, she was a doctor afterall, but she didn't expect to feel like this. Kydy let her head rest face-down on the table, which, considering her very short stature, was surprisingly uncomfortable as it mashed her sore breasts against the table as well. It was then, when she thought she heard someone speak to her.::

Oo Quick, think of something, save your reputation, you are a doctor and an officer, you are the Assistant Chief Medical Officer right? oO

Kydy: I think I am coming off the performance high from the Rigel Ba V drug. Nothing serious, just out of sorts.

::Kydy forced a weak smile and lifted her head.::

Ensign Kydy
Medical Officer
USS Vigilant

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