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Prof. Cowens & Lt (JG) Alexander Richards - Initial observations

LtCmdr Alexander Richards

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Prof. Cowens & Lt (JG) Alexander Richards - Initial observations

((Corridor, USS Mercury))

Young man, are you falling behind? I'd have expected a fresh graduate would still be in shape.

::Ensign Cardosa quickly tried to catch up to the older professor, who walked briskly through the corridors of the Oracle class vessel. It seemed his cane was more for show than anything else. Or at the very least, a tool for him to smack the floor with emphasis when he wanted to.::

CARDOSA: Sorry, sir. ::He adjusted his grip on the professor's luggage before everything was about to fall apart.:: It's, uh... certainly a lot of equipment you've got here.

COWENS: ::chuckles:: And this is only what the institute would let me take. Be thankful they denied my request to move my entire lab aboard.

::The ensign gave a nervous smile as they continued along. Finally, once they had arrived at the professor's new office, Cowens excused himself to let the ensign finish setting things up.::

::He made his way over to his new neighbor's office, that of the Mercury's chief science officer, and rang the chime.::

((Chief science officer's office, USS Mercury))

:: The day had been a washout. Alexander had intended to meet with both the Captain and Doctor Velana however, the captain was away from the ship and he had neglected to contact the good doctor. He hadn't wasted his time however. He used the time that had dropped on his lap to finally sign off on Crewman T'Lex's report on the previous mission and deliver it via subspace to the Starfleet Science Institution. He hoped that the admiralty and their team might be able to make more sense of it. His thought process was interrupted by a chime on his door. ::

COWENS: Lieutenant Richards?

RICHARDS: Yes that's me. Please enter. Forgive me for not standing up to greet you but as you can see, my current predicament makes that a bit of a problem. Please take a seat Mr?

COWENS: Professor J. Cowens, of the Orion Institute of Cosmology, and your newest neighbor.

RICHARDS: Ah Professor. Please forgive my assumption that you were a mister. I'm not used to seeing civilian professors this far out. What can I do for you today?

COWENS: I just wanted to make your acquaintance. I'll also be working along with the five other department heads within the civilian research contingent, and I figured I should meet you first when I don't have to relay any requests or complaints yet!

:: Richards was a little taken aback by the laugh. This gentleman already seemed a lot less aloof than Captain Harku Kvitova. ::

RICHARDS: ::smiling:: Well, it is an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance Professor. I've heard a lot about the O.I.C. You are the tops of your field.

::The old man chuckled and waved off the compliment with his right hand.::

RICHARDS: With the field of cosmology being so vast this is going to be a bit of a long shot but, have you ever read any papers by Harriet Richards of the Lunar Scientific Institute?

COWENS: Richards? Who hasn't? ...wait, are you saying there's some relation?

RICHARDS: Yes, she is my mother. My father and her are the lead researchers at the institute. I know most of the researchers under them as if they were brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. It came with being raised in and around the lab. I might have joined them but for an accident during my later teenage years.

::The professor let out a wide grin.::

COWENS: Well then I find myself sitting with academic royalty! How fortunate! And I see you did follow the family trade then.

RICHARDS: I do have a tendency to waffle on from time to time. Anything you need once you are settled in professor just give my office a call. If I'm not there to facilitate the request, my assistant should be. You will also be pleased to know that the ship has a highly competent stellar cartographer who I'm sure will be able to assist you. Crewman T'lex is a graduate of the Vulcan Science Academy and well verse in stellar phenomenon.

COWENS: I'm sure the crewman's talents will be invaluable for our work. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, Lieutenant. Sometimes there are... how shall we say? ...unnecessary friction among Starfleet and civilian collaborative projects, which is quite sad really. We're all in this together after all!

::He tapped the deck with his cane twice for emphasis. The lieutenant seemed pleased.::

RICHARDS: Well, I won't keep you from settling in any longer Professor. No doubt you would like to meet the other department heads and familiarize yourself with the ship, and the science module in particular. Unfortunately, I have a previous arrangement I must keep however, I'm sure we will be able to arrange a proper tour for you at some point in the future. Again, welcome aboard Professor.

COWENS: Oh, of course, lieutenant! I shan't keep you from your business, no doubt quite a handful running such a mammoth department. I look forward to the work ahead, and again, thank you.

::Once the professor got up and left the lieutenant's office, he made his way back to his new office and lab to see that Ensign Cardosa was still setting things up, now with the help of one of the professor's own research assistants, a young and eager mind named Renia Lenai. Cowens called out to the Haliian.::

COWENS: Miss Lenai? If you could join me please? I'm sure, the ensign can handle himself for a moment.

::The ensign wiped some sweat off his brow before nodding to Renia.::

CARDOSA: Of course, professor...

::The woman followed the professor to his office.::

LENAI: So how did the meeting go?

COWENS: Excellent.

::He sat down in his chair, one of the few things to have been already installed in his office and took out a PADD.::

COWENS: Lieutenant Richards has promised his department's full cooperation, and he seems like a genuinely nice man.

::He tapped a few buttons on the PADD, retrieving a few files after performing a search.::

LENAI: That's good. So everything should be smooth sailing then.

COWENS: My dear, I see you still have much to learn about the scientific process...

::He handed her the PADD.::

COWENS: Your reading material for tonight. Find out a little more about our new host, including his esteemed parents at the Lunar Scientific Institute. The man himself though seems to have quite an interesting record.

::The young woman returned a puzzled glance.::

LENAI: Am I looking for possible collaborative research interests?

::The professor grinned at her naivety.::

COWENS: Insurance.


Professor J. Cowens
Orion Institute of Cosmology

as played by

Lieutenant Commander Rahman

Chief Engineer

USS Mercury


Lieutenant (JG) Alexander Richards

Chief of science

USS Mercury

Edited by LtJG Richards
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