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Lt Emerson Ravenscroft - Love Thy Will Be Done


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"Yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream." ~ Kahlil Gibran


((Blueheart's Quarters, USS Discovery-C))

::In 2576, when Amman will tear out the door to Blueheart's quarters amidst the
wreckage that was at one time the resplendent flagship of the Avalon sector, the
grieving Emerson Ravenscroft will enter that space in the hopes of sensing some
residual emotion, some remnant memory, tattooed into the bulkheads and
deckplates by fires and explosives. Alas, he would find no such solace.

But Love, the one and only true timeless cosmological constant, knowing no shame
or rue, will always find a way to breach the barriers of Time.

And that was exactly what she did that fateful day..

After Raj had left, Emerson had headed to the replicator to have himself a
smoked turkey sandwich. He had then experienced a strange sensation of
foreboding. So strong was this feeling that it almost felt that a physical
presence had manifested itself in the room. It had spurned him to spin around,
instinctively, only to reveal nothing to his eyes. He had shrugged it off as
stemming from either hunger or fatigue and had carried on with his quest for a

The dark foreboding returned.

His heart, abruptly stopped, sank to the depths of his being. Blood drained from
his head and beads of sweat erupted on his brow. The hairs on his arms and on
the back of his neck stood on end. A shiver coursed through his veins like an
ice-serpent. Bile rose to the back of his throat. His initial thought was that
he was about to die. But almost as swift as this thought had entered his
now-bloodless mind, another thought burst through. It was not HIM who was about
to die!

He crashed to the floor onto his knees. A searing pain bored its way through the
right side of his skull, ultimately wracking his whole brain. It felt like
talons and claws and nails and thorns thrashing about hysterically inside the
vault of his skull. He whacked the right side of his head with his fist
repeatedly. Again and again and again. He felt the skin and bone rent asunder
from the top of his right eye all the way to the back of his right ear, the
blood and fat and marrow spilling out like the entrails of a slaughtered pig.

The pain vanished. Abruptly. His entire body went rigid. So sudden was the
switch from painful to painless that he vomited. His mind began to shut down.
Just before his head hit the pool of warm and lumpy bilious ejecta, random
images burned themselves on his retinas.

A morgue.
A shot to the head.
An alien landscape.
A dreamless frozen sleep.

Emerson would convulse once before losing his consciousness to darkness.

Yes, Love almighty and eternal will always find a way to breach the barriers of
Time, and that was exactly what she did that fateful day. Re-igniting a link
between two sworn hearts unbroken by Time.

No one ever said there wouldn't be a price to pay.::

Lt Emerson Ravenscroft

as simmed by
LtCmdr Raj Blueheart
First Officer

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