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December 2012 Writing Challenge

Tony, aka VAiru

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Welcome, my friends, to the last Writing Challenge of 2012. It's been quite a ride this year: The Challenges saw a facilitator change, the addition of several judges to the rotating pool, our first one-month contests, our first collaborative contests with Ongoing Worlds (in July and in November), and our first alternate form contest (in August, with flash fiction, poetry, and free-form options). I hope to be able to bring you even more in 2013, but for now, let's look at closing out this year.

The December Challenge will again be a monthlong Challenge, and in it, I ask you to consider the place of belief systems in Star Trek's future. Contemporarily, December is a month of holy days for many religions, but I'd like you to consider the question of religion and spirituality in the future context. Sure, we've seen the Bajorans and their Prophets, the Klingons' Sto-Vo-Kor, and the Vortas' belief in the Founders' godhood, but what else is out there?

For example, when I designed my character (Aron Kells), I created for him a spiritual system based upon a quasi-concept deity called "the Architect." This was in direct response to an astrophysicist I worked with at the time; she was brilliant and dynamic, but she also followed strictly one of the strongest faith doctrines I've ever encountered. I thought the combination was intriguing, and thus my character was born.

But what of yours? Is there a spiritual side to any of the characters for which you write? Or perhaps you could take a look into the unexplored spiritualities of the Romulans -- or the Ferengi -- or the Borg? Whatever you choose, be sure to craft a compelling story for the final contest of 2012!

The deadline for this Challenge is December 26th (Boxing Day)! That gives you 26 shopping days to come up with something good, so begin thinking now.

As always, please remember:
*Your work must be completely original.
*You must be the sole author of the work.
*Your story must take place in the Star Trek universe, but may not center upon canon characters.
*Sign your final draft as you would a post on your ship.
*Your story must be between 300 and 3000 words.

As of today, Saturday, December 1st, this Challenge is open.

For any questions you might have, remember that you can always visit the Writing Challenge website.

Good luck!

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Remember, this Challenge closes on December 26th -- which means you have about a week and a half to get your entry in!

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This Challenge is now closed! The judges hope to have reviews and ratings for you by the first of the new year!

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