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Stone on a nightingale

Segolene LeMarnix

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Every place has its presence; smell, touch and feel. Has the emotion to it, yes that is best explanation, emotion of the place. It’s about what it is and what it does to people. It’s how it makes you feel.

Then there are songs; oh yes, songs can be really nasty. Even if you don’t understand words, they will incite emotions and make you remember. Some people don't like songs and will throw stones on a nightingale to kill the emotion. Right now Segolene felt like doing just that.

Segolene spent days in meditation trying to forget how she felt when Daryl touched her, trying to forget his smell, trying to take him out of her heart.

‘If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be.’ She hated wise sayings; there was always one usable for whatever occasion. This one seemed like made for their relationship.

Walking through the Starbase, Segolene ended on a bench by the big window. For some time now she let tears flow and didn’t even attempt to brush them. Many people passed by her, watching her in surprise, scoff or even open disgust and noticing, not the look on their faces, but rather their emotions emanating, made her turn to the window, away from the station that made her feel so lonely and sad.

It smelled like Starfleet, it felt same as Apollo, sensed like a happy days she remembered. ‘It’s better to never have, then to have and lose.’ She had that little bit of love, satisfaction, a touch of happiness… and then of a sudden just poof, gone as a soap bubble.

Opening her bag she took out the padd and preparing it started recording the message. “I… I love you Daryl. They say, time heals every wound, but I refuse to remember you as a wound and I will keep, loving you. I had to go, staying would choke you and I love you enough to let you go and give you a chance to get along with yourself.

When you’ll feel lonely, just close your eyes… because if you love me, if you really love me then just close your eyes and be sure I’ll know and I’ll be there with you. Close your eyes when you need a comfort and yes, if you love me, trust me I’ll know and I’ll be thinking of you.”

She turned off the recording and shrugged. ‘This sounds like a love song, and a bad love song.’ She handed to erase the recording, but picking her bag she pressed the wrong button and a message was sent. Just then the sad love song started to play from somewhere down the corridor and in frustration; Segolene threw the padd that way and crashed it in the wall standing in the way.

She shrugged again and went to docking ring to catch her transport.

She looks back to the pieces of the crashed padd. ‘I hate cadences in minor key.’

Some people don't like songs and will throw stones on a nightingale to kill the emotion.

Cadet Segolene LeMarnix


USS Apollo

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