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Ride Of Destiny--JP Shryker & Matthews:


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((Holodeck One-Deck Four-USS Mercury))

::Alexander walked into the holodeck as the doors opened for the virtual connection to the Drake had been completed. He is very excited to see Jade again. It has been a few weeks since he has seen her. He walked over to the computer to program his home in the Ohio Valley. He tapped the controls, then the room of black and yellow changed to the summer landscape of green grass, leaf filled trees, and the lush green mountains. He looked down to the valley below where the family home sits, surrounded by trees and the winding path from the house to the main road. He stood next to his cafe racer style motorcycle in his jacket, tee-shirt, blue jeans, and boots. Holding his helmet in his hand, and the other on the bike he waited for Jade.::

((Holodeck - Drake))

Shryker: There he is! ::Jade approached him from the holodeck entrance, wearing similar clothes to Alex. Boots, jeans, and leather jacket. It was wonderful to see him again. She had missed him since their last, wonderful encounter. Her heart beat faster as she approached him. She smiled.::

Matthews: ::Looking at her as she walked towards him, his heart jumped at the sight of her. She was beautiful in any attire, he longed to hold her in his arms again.:: Hi Jade, boy have I missed you.

Shryker: Hey Alex, missed ya.

Matthews: Been very busy and working a lot, how about you?

Shryker: Arr, me too. ::She moved forward and hugged him, lifting her head up for a kiss.::

Matthews: ::He smiled as he moved down to kiss her soft lips, he felt her heart beat faster as he kissed her passionately. He felt her body next to his, softly, tenderly, he touched her face as he felt the excitement from her.:: Now that was worth the wait.

Shryker: Mm, thanx. ::she rested her head on his shoulder, and then looked at the bike.:: Where you going to take me?

Matthews: ::Smiling.:: For a ride into my heart. There is a small cabin that I’m building, the last time I was home. Not finished yet, but it will be our private place where we can relax and have some space. ::Touching her face gently.:: A place just for us. Would you like to see it ? ::Holding her next to him gently, but letting her know that he is caring and aware of her injury.::

Shryker: ::She giggled:: Do you see me resisting?

::Smiling as he helped her onto the bike, looking into her eyes at the excitement. It has been some time since he has been able ride in this simulation. He felt her arms around him as she held on tight.He felt so comfortable with her next to him. He put on his helmet, he checked to make sure Jade was ready before he started the engine.::

Shryker: ::They mounted the bike, denim on leather saddle. Jade held her arms around Alex so tight.::

Matthews: ::Looking back to the lady of his heart.:: Ready?

Shryker: let’s go__

::Alexander started the engine, he looked down the road towards the the forest. He shifted the gears and cruised along the road. He moved his hand to touch Jade’s as they rode along under the morning sun, he could feel her breathing as it became rapidly from the excitement of the ride. He could feel her squeeze herself upon him, he felt the contentment from her and the happiness flowing from her body into his, a feeling of joy came over him as they entered the forest. He kicked up the speed on the bike, as he thought about how much Jade would like the cabin in the lower valley behind the house. He looked over to his right as they passed the family home, built by his great grandfather as a retreat for the family, but it ended up being the year round home of Jefferson and Frances Matthews, his parents. The house built of logs from the surrounding trees, more of a mansion after the construction was completed. He took his away from hers to turn towards house of his youth.::

Shryker: Is that it? ::she marvelled.::

Matthews: ::He slowed down the bike too let her see the house.:: This is where my Mother and Father live.

Shryker: Really? Your folks?

Matthews: Yup, but I will show you this another time. I want you to see our place first.

::They continued on around the house towards the back of it to the entrance of the lower valley, down the winding road under the morning mist.::

((Starbase 118-Holodeck Three))

::Frances and Jefferson Matthews hurried into the room, and tapped the console, the grid changed to the small valley behind the main house. They had completed the smaller cabin that Alexander was building during his time home from duty. Frances walked inside to places the pictures of his lost command and the unit flag of Force Recon Alpha Two, on the mantel above the fireplace. Jefferson in the meantime was checking to oven in the kitchen the plumbing leading up to the bathroom on the upper level near the bedroom. Frances walked over to him hearing the computer complete the connection to the Mercury.::

Frances: Jeff hurry up, he might be here. ::Folding her arms in front of her.::

Jefferson: ::Turning off the flashlight.:: Just finished, did you send them to him ? ::Walking over to her, kissing her on the cheek.::

Frances: ::Smiling.:: Yes, it reached the ship a few weeks ago. I got the confirmation the other day. I hope everything is alright, in his letters he seemed really unhappy,distant, but meeting Jade has seemed to make a difference, his messages and letters are much better.

Jefferson: I know, he will be fine, you know how he is when he is focused on things. I think he was really working too much ::Hearing the motorcycle coming down the road.:: It’s them.

::Jade and Alexander approach the cabin, but he notices that the cabin is finished, with an extra level added to it. His eyes opened wide as he stopped the bike, dismounted, and helped Jade off. He looked at the windows of stained glass, and flower boxes under them. He could feel the excitement from Jade as she walked towards their special place.::

Matthews: This is it, but... ::He took off his helmet.::

Shryker: – I can’t wait. ::The bike came to the smaller, romantic cabin Alex had been telling her about. They stopped. Jade got off. Alex followed.:: It’s beautiful. ::Taking off her helmet, her long brown hair flowing free in the warm breeze.::

Matthews: Yes it is. ::he looked in amazement at the improvements on his original design. The door made from cedar, and the stained glass square window, it has two doorknobs. On for the upper half and one for the lower.:: How do you like it ?

Shryker: – Love it! Can we see inside?

Matthews: Of course we can. ::Holding out his arm to her.:: I have a little surprise for you, because now I’m just as surprised.

Shryker: – Swell!

::Alexander and Jade walked to the door, he placed his helmet on the porch bench by the door, he placed her’s there also. He opened the door and let her go in first.::

Shryker: Wow! It’s fab. :: There was a couch, table and chairs. Stone fireplace too. She glanced about – a kitchen off to the side, with a stove. Double doors leading out to a backyard with a garden. Trees all around. She loved it. Jade suddenly silenced when she saw two people in the room. A woman, about the same height as Jade, and fair skinned. And a man, as tall as Alexander with tanned skin like him.

Shryker: – urr, hi there.

::They walked into the cabin’s main room, there was Frances and Jefferson standing near the couch, he held her hand as he walked by her side. to the left of them was the fireplace made of stone and the chimney rising through the ceiling. Ahead of them was the kitchen with the stove to the side, refrigerator, replicator, cupboards and dual sinks. They looked over to the right, there was a spiral staircase made of cedar. The smell of the wood was soothing after being on a ship for months at a time. It lead up to the bedroom and full bathroom. Frances and Jefferson greeted her with open arms.::

Matthews: Hello Mom, Dad. ::Motioning to Jade as he put his arm around her waist.:: This is Jade Shryker. Jade my mother and father.

Frances: ::Smiling.:: Jade,hello my dear girl. I’m Frances Matthews. :: motioning to the man beside her.:: This is my husband Jefferson. ::Looking to Alexander.:: My son, how I have missed you. ::Taking him into her arms.:: You look good, I missed my boy. ::Walking over to give Jade a hug.:: I am so glad to meet you at last, Alexander has been writing about you for weeks.

Jefferson: ::Holding out his hand to Jade.:: It is a pleasure to meet you Jade. ::Looking at Alexander and nodding with a wink.:: It’s good to see you son.

Shryker: Its great to me y’all. ::Smiling but nervous.::

Matthews: ::Blushing.:: As you know Jade is on the Drake.::Looking around at the cabin, then looking back to Frances and Jefferson.:: Mom, Dad when did the cabin get finished ?

Frances: Right after the snow melted, your father and I wanted you to have your place to yourself when you came home. Then we got the message of... ::Taking Jade by the arm.:: So how did you meet Alexander ? ::Walking over the the couch and sitting down next to Jade.::

Shryker: A friend who I served with – Askade, she knew Alex and kinda got us together.

Frances: So you met him through a friend. Well I’m very glad, so tell me about your family ? ::Jade went a bit quiet, then continued.::

Shryker: I don’t see them much now. My little bro is away on a far starbase, and my Dad left when I was young. ::break:: My Mom’s dead.

Frances: ::Touching her hand.:: I’m very sorry dear. ::Looking into her eyes.:: Anytime you need to talk, you call me. I would really like that.

Jefferson: We heard that you transferred from the Avandar.:: Looking at Frances and then Alexander.He walked over to him and placed his hand on his shoulder.:: I’m sorry about Red, son.

Matthews: We were just friends dad, that’s all. I wish that I could have been there. ::Looking into his eyes.:: Jade is more than that, she is very special. ::Reaching into his inside jacket pocket.:: It’s time dad.

::Jade was open mouthed as Jefferson just nodded and smiled as he and Alexander walked over to the couch where Frances and Jade were sitting.Alexander bent down on one knee in front of her. he looked deeply into her green eyes, as he took out the box.::

Matthews: Jade, I don’t know how to say this, but I’m going to say it. ::He opened the box to reveal a sterling silver necklace with a matching ring.:: I Love you Jade. ::Taking out the ring, and placing it on her finger. He takes the necklace with the family crest on it, the same design is on the ring.:: I’m asking you to be my best friend, my love, my mate.::He places the necklace around his neck, then taking her hand into his::

Shryker: Oh Alex___ I___


Lt.Cmdr. Alexander Matthews and Lt Jade Shryker

Mercury / Drake


Lt.Cmdr. Alexander J. Matthews

Chief Of Operations

USS Mercury NCC-99812

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I really enjoyed reading this one. :-) The imagery is easily seen, as if I'm there looking around the valley, inside the house or riding a motor cycle. The caring between the two characters is definatly felt by the reader I enjoy the characterizations of the parents. We don't seen them often, but when they are 'in the room' you know it, you remember them. I want to see how the story continues. :-) .

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