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Round 13 Rick Rawden & Gypsy Hawker: Are We Going To Be Alright ?

Alexander Matthews

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((Aqua Shuttle / Main Shuttle Bay; USS Mercury))

::Rick worried at his bottom lip as the shuttle came in towards the mother ship. He knew, he sensed, Gypsy was in peril.::

Matthews: ::Tapping the comm system.:: =/\=Matthews to Mercury, requesting for final approach.=/\=

Wulfantine:=/\= Greetings Alex, welcome home. Permission granted.=/\=

Matthews: =/\=Understood, final approach for the main shuttle bay. See you on the bridge my friend. I will bring Rashnan directly to the Captain.=/\=

Wulfantine: =/\=See you in a jiffy my friend.=/\=

Rawden: Sir, may I report to Eyas when we arrive?

Matthews: ::Looking over to Rick.:: Of course, you go right ahead when we land I can take care of the shuttle.

Rawden: Aye Sir.

::Rick guided the shuttle in to the bay without a problem, landing the ship with gentle bump on the deck. Matthews looked back to the rest of the team Lara and Marcus.::

Matthews: ::Standing up and walking to the rear of the shuttle.:: Rick, thank you. I know that you are anxious to see what Eyas wants. Get going.

Rawden: Thank you Sir.

::Rick nodded and scooted down the corridor to the nearest turbolift.::

Wulfantine: =/\= Rick, it’s Eyas. Details have been sent to your pad. =/\=

::Rick looked down. The message icon was flashing. He grasped the device and quickly read the content. He gulped.::

Rawden: =/\= Thank you… Sir.=/\= Lift – Sickbay.

::The turbolift sped towards the sickbay deck bridge. Rick emerged and rushed into the sickbay.::

((Sickbay; USS Mercury))

::He saw people bustling about, a medic attending to minor issues, but no sign of his beloved.::

Rawden: Gypsy?!

Hawker: ::hoarsely:: Rick?

::Rick spun around, hearing her voice. His mouth dropped open. Lying on a biobed, was his sweetheart, her long hair matted and her skin….. was blue!::

Rawden: GYPSY!!!!

::He ran over to her, his face full of fear and confusion.::

Rawden: What? What’s happened? Eyas merely told me you’d had a minor injury.

Hawker: Rick, I’m not injured. I’m.. changing.

Rawden: Babe.. I can… how did it? What?

Hawker: Transporter malfunction… we beamed back with an alien. They’re aquatic. We got…

::She raised a blue webbed hand up and brushed back her long hair, to reveal a set of gills on her neck. They flexed as they breathed the air. Rick was silent for a moment.::

Rawden: But..?

::Rick held her hand.::

Hawker: Rick?

Rawden: Can anything be done? Where’s the Doc?

::Gypsy’s heart was hurting. She felt she could detect Rick’s changing image of her.::

Hawker: Doc’s in lab. But there’s more…

Rawden: Oh Gypsy? You’re gonna be alright aren’t you?

::Gypsy smiled softly.::

Hawker: I hope ‘we’ are.

::Rick’s mind was confused and he assumed the ‘we’ referred to him and Gypsy. He was relieved that Gypsy was not hurt, but she was changing. Things were crazy. Just then, he heard a noise coming from the lab.::

Velana: She's a beautiful ship and everyone I've met has been more than welcoming. I look forward to meeting more of the crew, though.

Del Vedova: Well, I guess, I mean, it's only a matter of time--

Rawden: Doc! Doc! Gypsy… what’s happening to her?

Del Vedova: There was a sort of (beat) transporter accident. Her vitals are fine and we're looking for a cause right now.

To Be Continued…

LtJG. Rick Rawden & Crewman Gypsy Hawker (PNPCs)

Engineer & Medic: USS Mercury

Simmed by:

Lt.Cmdr Eyas Wulfantine

Chief Tactical Officer: USS Mercury

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