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Round 6 - Voting

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

Round 6 - Voting  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. In your opinion, which of the following sims is the best written and deserving of a chance to compete for this year's "Top Sim"?

    • "Filling the job not the shoes" by Captain Tallis and LtCmdr Arden Cain
    • "Active Duty" by LtCmdr Solok
    • "Lights" by Lt. Sahmson & Aodhnait Cair
    • "Personal Log" by Ensign Jacob Moore
    • "The Bane of History, Repeating" by Commander Kalianna Nicholotti

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Due to the mix-up in scheduling, this round will start today and end on Sunday, May 6th. The winner will then be part of Run-off Round 2, judged in July.

Sims are as follows:

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