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Winners List


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This is a summary post where I'll keep a running list of winners in each round.

Round 1 Winners:

Ensign Velana

-- Always on My Mind

Lt. Diego Herrera

Lt. Ashley Yael

-- To Ask of You (Part 1)

Round 2 WInner:

Lt. Alleran Tan

-- Don't Eat the Blue Ones (Part 2)

Round 3 Winner:

Lt. Eliaan Deron

-- An Unorthodox Family

Round 4 Winner:

Lt. Cmdr. Danny Wilde

Lt.JG Luna Walker

-- The Caper of the Century

Round 5 Winner:

Ensign Didrick Stennes

-- Cameo

Round 6 Winner:

Commander Kalianna Nicholotti

-- The Bane of History, Repeating

Round 7 Winner:

Lt Cmdr Darius Clack & Fleet Captain Sidney Riley

-- LtJG Katherine Sharkey and Laeni: Children are like a pack of wolves

Round 8 Winner:

Major Whale & LtJG Weston

-- Major Whale & LtJG Weston - Staying Sharp

Round 9 Winner:

Lt. Saveron

-- Dr. Saveron: Not in my Sickbay

Round 10 Winner:

The Crew, USS Avandar & Lt Elya Tali & Lt. Cmdr. Alexander James Matthews & Lt. Commander Arden Cain

-- The Avandar Crew (And Guests) - Playing for Keeps

Round 11 Winners:

Lt. Jade Shryker & Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Matthews

-- For The Love Of Jade

LtCmdr Liam Frost & Lt.(JG). Sidney Pierce

-- The Good Left Undone

Round 12 Winner:

Lieutenant Eliaan Deron

-- For in that sleep of death, what dreams may...

Round 13 Winner:

Lt Commander Ben Walker

-- Moving On

Round 14 Winner:

LTJG Lanius

-- The Truth Hurts

Round 15 Winner:

LtCmdr David Cody

-- In This Moment, Right Now, Right Here

Round 16 Winner:

Capt Nicholotti

-- Comes the Devourer

Round 17 Winner:

Cmdr. Karynn Brice & Lt. Cmdr. Ethan Brice

-- Wish you were here

Round 18 Winner:

Lt(JG) Colt Daniels

-- Lost in the Woods

Round 19 Winner:

Lt(JG) Issac Bale, Zolrak(LtCmdr Wulfantine), & Baren Dreth(Lt. Viktor Lanius)

-- End Game

Round 20 Winner:

LtCmdr. Velana & Lt(JG) Isaac Bale

-- Motivations

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Run-off winners so far, are as follows:

These sims are heading to the Final Round of membership voting to determine the Top Sim of 2012.

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