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  1. Roo

    Round 5 - Voting

    The poll is now closed. Congratulations to the Round 5 Winner, Ensign Didrick Stennes for "Cameo".
  2. Roo

    Winners List

    This is a summary post where I'll keep a running list of winners in each round. Round 1 Winners: Ensign Velana -- Always on My Mind Lt. Diego Herrera Lt. Ashley Yael -- To Ask of You (Part 1) Round 2 WInner: Lt. Alleran Tan -- Don't Eat the Blue Ones (Part 2) Round 3 Winner: Lt. Eliaan Deron -- An Unorthodox Family Round 4 Winner: Lt. Cmdr. Danny Wilde Lt.JG Luna Walker -- The Caper of the Century Round 5 Winner: Ensign Didrick Stennes -- Cameo Round 6 Winner: Commander Kalianna Nicholotti -- The Bane of History, Repeating Round 7 Winner: Lt Cmdr Darius Clack & Fleet Captain Sidney Riley -- LtJG Katherine Sharkey and Laeni: Children are like a pack of wolves Round 8 Winner: Major Whale & LtJG Weston -- Major Whale & LtJG Weston - Staying Sharp Round 9 Winner: Lt. Saveron -- Dr. Saveron: Not in my Sickbay Round 10 Winner: The Crew, USS Avandar & Lt Elya Tali & Lt. Cmdr. Alexander James Matthews & Lt. Commander Arden Cain -- The Avandar Crew (And Guests) - Playing for Keeps Round 11 Winners: Lt. Jade Shryker & Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Matthews -- For The Love Of Jade LtCmdr Liam Frost & Lt.(JG). Sidney Pierce -- The Good Left Undone Round 12 Winner: Lieutenant Eliaan Deron -- For in that sleep of death, what dreams may... Round 13 Winner: Lt Commander Ben Walker -- Moving On Round 14 Winner: LTJG Lanius -- The Truth Hurts Round 15 Winner: LtCmdr David Cody -- In This Moment, Right Now, Right Here Round 16 Winner: Capt Nicholotti -- Comes the Devourer Round 17 Winner: Cmdr. Karynn Brice & Lt. Cmdr. Ethan Brice -- Wish you were here Round 18 Winner: Lt(JG) Colt Daniels -- Lost in the Woods Round 19 Winner: Lt(JG) Issac Bale, Zolrak(LtCmdr Wulfantine), & Baren Dreth(Lt. Viktor Lanius) -- End Game Round 20 Winner: LtCmdr. Velana & Lt(JG) Isaac Bale -- Motivations
  3. Roo

    Round 5 - Voting

    The organizational part of me wants to find a better way to display them but for now, they're all in the main forum.
  4. Roo

    Round 5 - Voting

    Voting for Round 5 closes at Midnight on 15 April 2012. Voting for Round 5 of the Top Sims Contests qualifies one sim to move onto the next round of judging. As always, remember that this is NOT a popularity contest and you are expected to vote based on MERIT -- and not simply because the writer is your crew mate. Any crew discovered to be stuffing the ballots or ratings will result in the permanent disqualification of the entire crew from the contest.
  5. Roo

    Round 2-4 Voting

    Voting for Rounds 2-4 has now ended and the winners are: R0und 2 WInner: Lt. Alleran Tan -- Don't Eat the Blue Ones (Part 2 Round 3 Winner: Lt. Eliaan Deron -- An Unorthodox Family Round 4 Winner: Lt. Cmdr. Danny Wilde Lt.JG Luna Walker -- The Caper of the Century Congratulations and good luck in the semi finals!
  6. Only a few hours to go before submissions close for Round 5 and voting begins. Entries are still being accepted -- why not take a moment to get your entry in now. Roo
  7. To catch us up, voting is for Rounds 2 - 4. One sim from each vote is qualified to move forward to the next round of judging. Voting closes at Midnight on 1 April 2012. This round of voting only qualifies one sim to move on to the next round of judging. REMEMBER: This is NOT a popularity contest. Vote based on MERIT, not the fact that someone is your crewmate. Any crews found "stuffing the ballots" or ratings, will be disqualified PERMANENTLY. Yes, that means the whole crew! Good luck one and all, Roo
  8. We're now starting Round 5 of the contest. So, please remember to mark your submissions with the "Round 5" Prefix. Voting is open now through midnight on the 1st of April for Rounds 2 - 4 (which puts us back on track and clears up the backlog). Sorry for the delay and looking forward to lots of entries going forward. Good luck to you all, Roo
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