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JAN/FEB Klingon Mask


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Ba’Eli entered her room and tossed her jacket on the bed. She was exhausted and knew she had to do her duty. Rubbing her neck as she walked to the replicator, she tried to think of what to say to each of them.

“Chai latte, hot.” She barked at the replicator. As it materialized she smiled softly at the smell of her favorite drink. She took the first sip of the warm liquid and her smile widened.

Ba’Eli walked over to her console and sat down. She set her chai off to the side so he wouldn’t see it. She cleared her throat and called out. “Computer connect me to Sa’ K’tre on the planet.”

The few seconds it took for the male Klingon to appear on screen, she brought her shoulders up and tossed her hair back, to better show her ridges.

“nuqneH.” (What do you want) The male Klingon looked at her intensely.

“rI’ father.” (Hail Father) She spoke harsh, no smile escaping her lips. She must wait for him to tell her it was ok to relax, but it appeared he was disgruntled.

“qatlh ghaj tlhIH pong?” (Why have you called?) He growled.

“mo’ iIj tIq. qaSuj’a’” (Due to your heart. Am I disturbing you?) She knew she needed to get right to the point with him. His recent heart attack had her concerned.

Finally he smiled slightly and in his broken English he spoke. “Thank you daughter. I need rest but am hearty.”

She returned the smile. “Good Father. I will beam down tomorrow and we can have lunch.”

“Yes. Lunch.” He nodded. “Tomorrow then.” Klingons were people of little words. And with that the screen went blank.

Ba’Eli stretched and took a sip of her now lukewarm chai. She sighed and thought of tomorrow. She loved her father but it was so much work to put on the Klingon Mask for him.

Deciding she couldn’t handle writing her mother tonight, she headed for the bedroom, changed into her pj’s and began to wonder how she was going to bring up her new human boyfriend to her father.

LT j.g Ba’Eli

Science Officer

USS Mercury

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