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Contest Information and Rules

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1. Anyone can submit anyone else's SIM. You do not need permission to submit a SIM. You may submit up to 5 SIMs for review.

2. Each SIM must be at least 1 page long, in 12pt Arial font. If you want to see if the SIM you are submitting is long enough, open "Microsoft Word" or another editor, and copy the SIM into it. Then set the font to 12pt Arial, and see how long it goes.

3. The SIM must somehow include characterization of the character that the SIM originates from.

4. The SIM may not have any open dialogue tags. (i.e.: [respond here]) All dialogue in the SIM must be filled in, and if it uses another SIMmer's character, then that other writer must have officially given permission for his/her dialogue to be used in the SIM. Joint SIMs are acceptable as long as permission is received from the other party who helped write the SIM.

5. The SIM must be written with good spelling, good grammar, and be in the correct format. Poorly structured SIMs will be ineligible.

More information, and the SIM submission form is available at:


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