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Round 1 (Round 1) Davies & Gray: The Smooth Touch

Alexander Matthews

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((Gray’s Quarters))

:: Gray finished shaving and looked at himself in the mirror. He was

looking pale and slightly haggard. He hadn’t been too concerned at

first but the passage of time had sharpened his fears and it was

taking an increasing toll. ::

:: If Davies didn’t come around soon he was sure he would go

completely mad. He desperately needed to know if the man would

remember the murder attempt. The questioning and suspicion originally

aimed at him had died down and if he was lucky and Davies could

remember nothing then perhaps a further attempt could be avoided. It

would all depend on how much knowledge of that virus and murder

attempt he retained. ::

:: He dabbed his face dry, straightened his uniform and sighed as he

made his way back to sickbay. He hoped that grouchy nurse wasn’t on

duty. She made it perfectly clear his frequent drop ins should be

halted and that “She would let him know about any changes.” As far as

he was concerned he would just carry on popping in - just in case. ::

(( Sickbay))

::Looking down at his toes, Davies took a few deep breaths in

preparation for standing up. He was finally feeling well enough to

move around, and Jen had given him permission to wander around sickbay

a bit to get some exercise. The hard part, however, was getting


:: Gray walked into sickbay once more. He had become more familiar

with these surroundings than his own quarters, which he didn’t spend

much time in, from his many trips and visits. He looked around for

someone to approach and sighed heavily... it was the grouchy nurse

again. ::

Gray: Good day, has there been any improvement?

::Donna McKay narrowed her eyes and huffed in annoyance. She knew, of

course, to whom Gray referred...it seemed he’d been asking about him

every day.::

McKay: Since the last time you asked? ::she glanced over at a wall

chronometer then looked back at him with a frown::

Gray: Yes... ::Growing weary and adopting a slightly more aggressive


McKay: ::she sighed:: Well, you’re in luck ::She looked in the

direction of Davies’ private room:: He has been cleared for visitors

today. Wait here and I’ll see if he’s up to it.

::She sauntered off and disappeared into Davies’ room for a few


Gray: Thank you. :: He paced around the room as he waited. ::

::Donna popped back out of the room and beckoned him over with a wave

of her hand::

:: Gray entered the small room Davies had all to himself and found the

man tentatively walking about. He shot the nurse a dirty look. He knew

it would have been a mistake to allow her to “keep him posted.”

Turning back to Davies he took in the man’s appearance trying to

assess his condition. ::

Gray: Hello mister Davies, good to see you up and about... how are you


::Davies rested his hand against the wall, leaning his weight against

it. He managed a friendly smile and squinted a bit::

Davies: Mr. Gray. I’m doing better thanks. ::He looked to the nurse::

Trying to get out of here as quickly as I can.

Gray: ::Smiling:: I’m sure it won’t be long now that you’re “up and

about.” :: He stole a glance at the nurse, further hammering in his

point.:: Perhaps since you’re mobile now the nurse will be kind enough

to permit you a get out of jail free card. Perhaps we can go to the

lounge or something.

McKay: Absolutely not.

::Davies shot her a charming smile::

Davies: Oh come on, Donna. I know I’m not exactly dressed for the


::She shook her head at him and crossed her arms across her chest.

She’d been taking care of him long enough to have learned his tricks -

and while he was rather cute, this could get her into big trouble::

McKay: Malcolm will kill me.

::He shuffled over to her and put his arm around her shoulder::

Davies: Come on now. She’ll never find out. And what she doesn’t know

won’t hurt her.

::She sighed::

McKay: Be back in 20 minutes.

::Davies gave her a kiss on the top of her head and grinned at Gray::

Davies: C’mon let’s go before she changes her mind.

Gray: You want to replicate and slip something else on before we

escape? Could be a chill wind behind you...

:: Turning to the grouch and giving her his most impressive and

charming look. ::

Gray: Clock doesn’t start until we get there right? You wouldn’t want

me to have to give him a piggy back and you don’t want him to have to

rush either... I’ll buzz you when we get there. :: Charming wink.::

McKay:: frowning again:: Don’t press your luck, Mr. Gray. ::she

walked to a replicator, ordered up a robe for Davies and tossed it to



Gray: What would you like?

Davies: ::easing into a chair:: Oh, nothing, I think. It’s just nice

to be out of sickbay. Thanks for the jailbreak.

Gray: You are very welcome.

:: Gray groaned inwardly, by the looks of it he’d made a pretty good

mess of the man but not nearly enough. He looked in much better shape

than when he’d brought the injured man to sickbay with Jen. Much of

the burnt skin had healed although some scarring remained. Even his

eyebrows had started to come back and Gray hoped that would be all

that was coming back.::

:: Sitting opposite and beginning his pre-made buttering-up campaign

with the end goal of getting a handle on Davies memories. He figured

that Davies wouldn’t want to talk about the accident or work right

off. His colleagues would have already talked to him at length about

things and right now he probably wanted to just feel normal. Gray

could engage in small talk and be perfectly charming when he felt like

it. ::

Gray: So what do you like to do when you’re not studying diseases?

::Davies rubbed his eyebrows. It was becoming a habit - the row of

spiky new hairs felt so strange::

Davies: Ah, well, when I’m home I like boating, but I while away my

lonely hours here deciding which female crew member is the loveliest.

Gray: ::Chuckling:: Are you kidding?

Davies:: Oh, come on. You must’ve seen one or two ladies that caught

you’re eye.

:: Davies gave a raspy chuckle that dissolved into a cough.::

Davies: ::clearing his throat:: Sorry, throat’s still a little rough.

Gray: Don’t worry about it. ::Smiling broadly:: Come on then who has

caught your eye then?

Davies: Oh goodness, there are so many. ::He smiled::

Gray: ::Smiling and nodding:: I try not to trouble myself over these

matters.... ::Pause:: I’ve devoted my entire life to study and

science. I have 2 masters degrees and have contributed to a great many

ground-breaking projects in my area of expertise. We have a young

crew. While I am hardly old I feel my youth has left me. I’ve long ago

resigned to the fact that my choices lead me down a solitary path, so

I don’t trouble myself...

Davies: Oh, please. Anyway, I’m not talking marriage here or anything

- I’m just talking a bit of fun.

Gray: Very well, I’ll bite. I had the good fortune to be invited to a

BBQ during shore leave and a good number of the crew were there. I did

find myself attracted to Lt Tali and Lt Sylkar tends to catch my eye.

::Davies sighed. He barely remembered what he’d done over shore

leave. He recalled going to his mother’s house but how he’d filled the

time there was a bit of a blur. Since that train of thought was less

than fruitful he let his mind’s eye drift to the image of Lt. Tali::

Davies: Yes, Tali is a fine choice. Unattached, too, I think. Nurse

DeCosta is pretty easy on the eyes and I suspect Miss Blackwood keeps

injuring herself just to see me. ::He gave an ironic grin::

Gray: ::Laughing:: Yeah obviously that’s the reason. It couldn’t be

that she is a blundering, incompetent fool now could it? I like your

reasoning better, we’ll stick with that.

::Davies laughed and had to clear his throat again::

Davies: Hey, maybe blundering incompetent fools are just my type.

Gray: ::Laughing so hard he had to wipe away a tear from his eye.::

Whatever you say.

Davies: I’m going to help you out with the ladies, Gray. Since I owe

you one. I’m blurry on the details but Jen told me you are a big

reason I’m sitting here.

Gray: Blurry on the details? :: He leaned forward slightly, leaning on

arms folded on top of the table. ::

Davies: Well, more like totally blank. Jen keeps giving me little

details to jog my memory, but I haven’t had any luck.

Gray: ::Leaning back in the seat, quietly considering it.:: Hmm

::Davies was aware that Gray had aided in saving his life. Gray hoped

he wouldn’t ask him about what happened.::

Davies: ::shrugging:: It’s not that uncommon. They call it post-

traumatic memory loss. ::looking down at a reddened patch of skin on

his hand:: I’m happy enough not remembering it, anyway.

Gray: oOThat makes two happy campers then, but I’ll have to keep watch

in case that memory returns.Oo Well, I guess I can’t blame you for


Davies: But believe me, when you see the women I’m going to bring

your way, you’re going to be very glad you saved my life.

Gray: ::Skeptical:: Mhmm? We’ll see I guess. ::Pause:: Well, I suppose

that’s about time to go back.

::Davies nodded and scooted to the edge of his chair. He held his arm

out and gave Gray a winning smile::

Davies: Lend a hand, would you please?

Gray: ::Grinning and going to give him a hand:: Ha! Like you need

it. ::Winking:: You’re a first class chancer. I know your game.

::Chris grabbed the outstretched hand and and pulled himself up::

Davies: What’s my game?

Gray: ::Nodding towards a table of ladies.:: You just want to look

feeble in front of the ladies so they come visit you in sickbay and

pamper you. ::Wide grin.::

::Davies smiled and from the corner of his eye noted the motherly-type

sympathetic looks he had earned by his performance - though it had

been a necessary one::

Davies: Works, though, doesn’t it?

Gray: I don’t know about that old chum. They will be too busy visiting

chivalrous me instead. ::Small chuckle::

Davies: Well, may the best man win. ::He winked::

Gray: ::Puffing out his chest a little:: Indeed. ::Winking back.::

:: As Gray escorted Davies back to sickbay he reflected. He’d found

out what he wanted to, and it was good news. The strange part was that

he hadn’t expected he would enjoy Davies company so much. He pushed

that aside, he was the best man, he wasn’t here to make friends, he

was here to pursue his own research goals. It was an interesting idea,

though... cultivating relationships. Getting to know people better

would no doubt give him better access to unwitting guinea pigs for his

experiments. ::

(PNPC) Ensign Gray

Science Officer

USS Avandar

Simmed by Blackwood


(PNPC) Ensign Christopher Davies

Medical Officer

USS Avandar

Simmed by Malcolm


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