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(Round 19) Ens. Chris O'Hanlon- "Quick Thinking"

Alexander Matthews

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((Maltabra City))

::Chris was with the away team when the blackouthappened in the Brotherhood Bunker he looked around but he couldn’t see athing. Finally he felt someone grip on his shoulder, almost pulling him awayfrom the area. He assumed this to be someone else from the team, that was untilhe could make out the person grabbing him::

::A man taller than himself was now pulling Chrisdown a deserted corridor. Panic rushed into his head as he began thinking ofscenarios of what was about to happen. Was he being lead to his impendingdemise? Maybe he was caught... he wasn’t really good with this undercoverbusiness at all.::

O’Hanlon: *Coughs* Umm... Where are we going?

::He tried to act calmly and as casually as hecould. Because if there was one thing he didn’t want if his cover wasn’t blown;and that was to blow it.::

Brotherhood Terrorist: We must secure the bunker.

::The man spoke in a cold and intimidating manner.This made this experience all the worse for Chris, he got separated from theothers and now he was going to have to be ‘one of the men’ with this terrorist.He wasn’t the manliest person and this made these situations difficult for him.He was about to smile at him and then suddenly stopped in his tracks andnodded.::

O’Hanlon: Yeah, sure thing.

::He tried speaking in a manly voice, it was likebeing in school again. Hopefully someday Chris would get to look back at thisexperience and laugh at the awkwardness or how a Bajoran Terrorist is remindinghim of some of his old classmates.::

::Chris had kept his mouth shut and tried hard notto express any emotion in his face, he felt even a smirk would give him away.His palms began to heat up, as did his neck. He could feel the cold flush ashis nerves kicked in and made his body one of its natural functions and excretesome sweat. They reached the end of yet another corridor. This one broke offinto another two corridors. Chris was beginning to think if he would ever getout of here. The man stopped and looked at him, a strange look appeared acrosshis face but as soon as it appeared, it disappeared. He nodded in the directionof the corridor on Chris’ left.::

Bajoran terrorist: You take that one. I’ll watchdown here.

::Chris opened his mouth in confusion and thenclosed it, hoping the terrorist spot this. If he did, Chris probably lookedlike the biggest idiot ever. He nodded quickly and without saying a word beganwalking down the corridor nearest to him. Every so often he would look back tothe other man. He however, never looked back. Chris could tell by his actionsthat they were just meant to watch the end of the corridors. What was sosignificant about these ones though? Maybe there was an exit near by? Well ifthere was, Chris could get out and try and find a way to regroup with theothers. He knew that they couldn't possibly wait around for him.::

::Looking behind he saw that the man was stoppedat the end of the corridor, maybe this was his chance. He peeked around thecorridor to see yet another corridor. This one however had nothing, no door, andno exit. He sighed. This must be some safety thing, a fork in the corridor, onewhich leads to a cul-de-sac; the other lead to an exit. No wonder Chris wassent down this corridor. He would never be placed in front of a door to secureit. The big guy behind him though, looked like he could take out anyone whocrossed his path. Now what? How was Chris meant to get around a guy towering atalmost 7 feet and had shoulders as big as a bus door? He sighed. He was never goingto be able to regroup with the others. Not with this guy blocking his way.::

::Chris began drastically looking around, hedidn’t know how long he would have but if anything was going to happen, hewould have to act quick. From where he stood there was nothing he could see. Hedidn’t have anything with him either. This whole mission has everyone messedup. He glanced at the shadowy figure now a good few feet away from him,wondering how much of a chance he stood with a guy who looked like he did pressups in his sleep. Chris paced quietly as he ransacked his brains for any ideahe could think of. Then it hit him.::

::He remembered seeing something near where thecorridor had broke up. He turned and began to walk towards the split. His heartraced as he took slow, yet quick steps. Suddenly the man he had been watchingstepped into some light. He seemed to have been watching him this whole time.Chris could feel cold sweats come back, he was going to die down here, or so hethought. He slowed down a little and tried to do some drastic movements withhis hands pointing to the split.::

O’Hanlon: oO Oh please, let this work... Oo ‘’Ithink I heard a noise down there’’ ::He whispered while pointing.::

::The other man quickened his step when Chrisreached the split, he made out a heavy looking brick that was on the floor. Hemotioned his head toward the corridor as the man approached. He almost flinchedwhen the man passed him. He had to be quick to; he scurried towards the brickand picked it up. Swinging around with his arm in the air he suddenly felt aforce grab his arm and then came forceful blow to the face. Chris could feelhis eyes watering up. It hurt like hell!::


::It was almost as Chris’ subconscious wasscreaming at him, he tugged on the mans grip breaking free and scurried underthe mans legs. He grabbed the brick now on the floor and with all the energy hecould get out of the adrenaline now pumping through him, he swung the brick upinto the mans groin, who instantly had fallen to the floor. Chris smirked as hehit the brick of the man’s head, knocking him on conscious. He checked hispulse to double check, all was fine.::

O’Hanlon:: ::Almost laughing:: The perks of beinga doctor you ask? Knowing a Bajoran male has the same reproductive system as me.

::He laughed at how insane he must look, laughingover a terrorist Bajoran (who is now unconscious), holding a brick and talkingabout reproductive parts.::

::Chris looked around, there wasn’t any time todeal with the body, he ran towards the corridor that the terrorist waswatching. His heart sank when he saw yet another empty corridor. This couldn’tbe possible. Why would they position us here to watch these corridors. He beganwalking down. As he got closer to the ending he could see something that lookedstrange almost like a crack. As he got closer he realised the wall was at suchan angle you wouldn’t see the exit from the other side... that meant heprobably could have left in the other corridor too. He didn’t care. He justran, still trying to keep quiet, he left the bunker. The sun almost blindinghim, he had to block his eyes quickly. Looking around he couldn’t see anyonenearby. Now what was he going to do?::

::He ran towards a nearby bush, he hid behind itand caught his breath; now his nose really begun to hurt. He reached up hishand to touch it but all he did was hurt himself more and get blood on hishand.::

O’Hanlon: oO Great! I don't even have the medi-kitanymore! Oo

::He felt so stupid, someone must have grabbed itwhile the power went out. He felts a little dizzy, he decided it would bebetter to rest here for a moment.::

((Awhile after))

::Feeling weak and tired Chris could hear anexplosion nearby, it startled him a lot. He began to panic, what if the othersdidn’t make it? Now he would never get home, he had no way of contacting the Aurora. After another few moments he spotted it. Someone set off a flare. It had to have been them, it had to. His natural instinct kicked in instantly and he was sprinting towards the flare at a great speed. The adrenaline pumping inside him, never in his life had he ever thought he would be in this position and never did he think he would do anything to see the members of the USS Aurora again, and then. There they were. Right in front of him.::

O’Hanlon: Boy am I glad to see you guys again!::He said with a cheeky grin on his face.::

::After countless thoughts of thinking he wasgoing to die here, or else be sold off as a slave. He finally felt something;he felt he was going home. Home, he never thought he would, but already he wasfeeling that the USS Aurora was his home and the crew that were there, hisfamily.::

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