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[Round 16] Cmdr Della Vetri & LtCmdr T'Lea - A quick time-out


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((USS Aurora, Captain's Quarters))

:: Despite the fact she can still feel her emotional over-reaction seething inside her, the view that greeted her as she walked through the door to her quarters brought a kind of stunned smile to her face.::

:: Frozen in the middle of the room, Beth looked like she'd been caught in the middle of saying something - which would quite likely account for the fact that she had a diaper quite securely perched on her holographic head. Actually, as she approached, Della began to suspect that the bug sunny smile on the nanny's face was probably more likely to be the reason...::

:: There was neither sight nor sound of either of the "T"s she was looking for, but there was plenty of evidence that Beth had done exactly what she'd asked. After a moment,though, she frowned. No, the hologram *hadn't* done that - she'd exceeded it. All Della had wanted her to do was make sure the basics were in place for T'Lea and the baby to come home, but by the looks of it, she'd gone the whole hog - leaving Della with nothing that really needed to be done.::

Vetri: ::softly:: Dammit... I wanted to sort the rest...

:: Now disappointment was mingling with semi-homicidal rage inside her, and this was *not* a good combination. She turned, about to head back out, but pulled up short when her ears caught a quiet little noise from the bedroom. Carefully, she moved that way, silent as she approached the doorway and looked through.::

:: The scene that greeted her was enough, even with everything else, to turn her a little gooey. T'Lea was laid on the bed, eyes closed, chest rising and falling gently with her soft breathing as T'Sara lay beside her, one of the hybrid's hands curled protectively around her as she looked around her, making the occasional little cooing sound like the one that had caught Della's ears.::

:: Still silent, the Trill padded over, gently reaching out a finger to touch one of T'Sara's hands - which promptly grabbed it, earning her a delighted smile from Della. The smile faded pretty quickly, though, as a thought occurred to the Trill. She had no idea if this would work, but...::

Vetri: ~ Hello, little one. ~

:: The response she got was a total freeze on the baby's part, followed by a kind of whirlwind of imagery that had Della pulling her finger away, breaking the contact as she tried to sort it out.:;

Vetri: Woah... That was... weird.

:: Eyes heavy with a special kind of tiredness that went along with the events of the day, and trying to strangle the nanny, T'Lea managed to surface from a sleep that was a lot deeper than what she'd intended.::

T'Lea: Hey.

:: Groggily, the hybrid gave a growly little groan as she stretched awake her muscles.::

:: Suddenly feeling guilty, Della shot a look toward the door, almost like she was trying to figure out if it was too late to make a run for it.::

T'Lea: ::grinning at both Della and the baby:: Looks like she waited up for you.

Vetri: Sorry, I... I didn't mean to wake you.

T'Lea: It's all right. We're glad to see you.

:: Fussing with the baby's blanket for a moment, T'Lea wanted to make sure that T'Sara wasn't too hot, or too cold, or too restricted. She seemed happy enough, which left only one person in the room that could be giving off such a bad vibe.::

Vetri: ::shaking her head:: No, you probably still need rest, and I...

T'Lea: ::lopsided grin:: I… love you both very much?

:: Sighing, Della rubbed a hand over her eyes before answering.::

Vetri: I probably shouldn't even be in here. We just got the latest news from Starbase 118, and it... really wound me up. I think I leaked it all over the bridge, and I sure as hell still feel it now.

T'Lea: Yeah… I'm sensing that, but lucky for you I have the perfect remedy. Tomato soup and crackers.

:: That was sure to either confuse her, or *not* amuse her. Either one worked for T'Lea. What *actually* happened, however, was that her mate simply stood there and looked at her with a kind of blank incomprehension.::

Vetri: Huh?

:: Extracting herself from the bed, T'Lea gathered the baby in her arms and walked her over to Della, looking like she wasn't going to be the least bit helpful to her mate. But in closing the gap T'Lea reached around the Trill's back and pulled her over, placing the baby more in Della's hands than her own, and with her free hand she quickly located a particular nueropressure point along the curve of Della's spine.::

:: Leaning in close T'Lea whispered.::

T'Lea: Take a deep breath.

:: The feel of the hybrid's hands on her was almost enough to distract Della from T'Sara. Almost. It didn't actually happen, though, and she quickly found herself smiling goofily down at the little bundle as she did what she was told.::

T'Lea: Now exhale.

:: As the Trill's lungs expelled the air, the hybrid's fingertips delicately applied the appropriate pressure to three specific points, as a result she felt the tension in her mate's body slowly start to release- accompanied by Della's exhale hitching into soft gasp, eyelids fluttering as a kind of "click" seemed to ping through her.::

T'Lea: ::softly:: Again.

:: The exercise was repeated three more times, until T'Lea was satisfied with the effects – which was that the emotional run-off she had been sensing from Della had diminished.::

T'Lea: Okay?

:: Oddly... yes. She still wasn't sure just how this neuropressure stuff was meant to work, or even if it had simply been T'Lea's presence that had done it, but she certainly couldn't deny that the darkness that had been lurking within her had retreated back into the depths of her symbiote once more.::

Vetri: Yeah... :: Careful not to dislodge T'Sara, she leant over to brush a soft, tender kiss across her mate's cheek.::

Vetri: You're far too good with those fingers of yours. Thank you. T'Lea: Now. The tomato soup and crackers… *that* is for me, and *this* is for you.

:: She carefully pushed T'Sara the rest of the way into Della's arms, and then headed into the living area toward the replicator. In passing she swiped the diaper off Beth's head and tossed it on the changing table. It had been a childish thing to do, but at the time it made her feel better.::

T'Lea: Frakking starving…. Do you want something? And don't say coffee, I mean something substantial. Banana fruit?

:: That was the only fruit T'Lea actually tagged with the word "fruit" at the end. She did it because Banana was the name of a hideous devil god in the Iola culture, and maybe it was a bit superstitious, but she just couldn't bring herself to speak his name because of the terrible curse that went with it, especially *now*, having a first born of her own.::

Vetri: Hmm? ::looking up from where she'd been gazing down at her daughter:: Oh. Food. Sandwich?

:: The few minutes that it took for the order to appear in the receptacle were spent watching Della with the baby. T'Lea's intended remedy for soothing Della's troubles hadn't been the neuropressure, but the little bundle of love resting safely in the Trill's arms. Sneaky, but maybe it had worked.::

T'Lea: ::silently mouthing the words to herself:: You're so beautiful. ::normal volume:: Have you seen the holo-cam? Do we own a holo-cam? We need pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

Vetri: ::chuckling:: I'm sure we can find one. ::to T'Sara:: Your mother's being goofy again, you know.

:: Actually, now she thought about it, statements like that could apply to *both* of them...::

:: Bowl in hand, the hybrid eased herself into her seat, still a little surprised at how sore she was. In spite of the discomfort she smiled at Vetri, and couldn't seem to keep her eyes off mother and child.::

T'Lea: Puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Vetri: More than you know. I think... I think I needed a reminder that there's something good in the galaxy right now.

:: To be honest, T'Lea hadn't been keeping up with much of *anything* going on in the world, or on the ship. Right now, her whole galaxy consisted of that little person in Della's arms, and she really kind of liked it that way. But seeing her bond-mate so stressed and frazzled with the idiots in the universe, well, that was unacceptable, and reason enough to get involved… somehow.::

T'Lea: Do you want to talk about it?

:: Settling herself across the table from T'Lea, Della took a few moments to make sure her daughter was comfy before opening her mouth to answer - then stopped as she reconsidered what she was going to say.::

Vetri: ::sighing:: There's nothing to talk about, really. They're still trying to work out how many casualties the bombings caused, and there's apparently a ship that's flat-out ignoring the general traffic wave-off they're sending out. ::

T'Lea gave a soft nod and sipped her soup.::

T'Lea: What about the base defense systems?

:: Having been stationed on Ops in the past, the hybrid knew there was some kind of exterior weaponry the station had been equipped with, but if the bombings had disabled those…::

Vetri: No idea, but I doubt whoever's on it is planning a sightseeing trip.

:: That earned the most logical raised eyebrow, T'Lea had ever given anyone.::

:: Reaching over, Della dipped a fingertip into T'Lea's soup, then dabbed a bit of the warm liquid onto T'Sara's lips, earning herself a somewhat puzzled noise from the baby, and a soft chuckle from T'Lea.::

T'Lea: Not what you ordered, is it, you cute little nug. ::tilting a more serious look to Della:: What's the plan for our situation here?

Vetri: Deal with it. Marcus is seeing if he can get anything from the one Bajoran that didn't kill himself over on the Orion ship, and the Orions themselves have managed to make off with a shuttle - the Verter is chasing them.

T'Lea: Is there anything I can do to help? Jen hasn't cleared me for duty, but if there's something that can be done from here…

:: She waved her spoon around, indicating their quarters was as far as she could go, without the threat of being yanked back to sickbay at warp ten.::

Vetri: Well...

:: Thinking about it, Della could come up with a couple of bits T'Lea might be able to handle...::

Vetri: Leishani said she was taking the Bajorans to Farius Prime. If you can dig out anything about the place, it might come in handy.

T'Lea: ::thoughtfully:: Farius Prime. ::a sip of soup:: We can do that. :: The "we" included T'Sara.:: Vetri: Thanks. And... you know, for just now.

T'Lea: ::a wink:: You can return the favor later.

Vetri: ::chuckling:: I'll try not to let my hands wander tonight.

T'Lea: Yes, because I hate that so much…

Vetri: For now, though, I should get back to work.

:: Getting up from her seat, she started heading for the door, only to be pulled up short by her mate's observation from the table.::

T'Lea: *Ahem.* Your little passenger there, isn't cleared for duty.

:: With a soft laugh at her own little lapse, Della turned back, handing T'Sara over to her other mother with a certain amount of reluctance. Once that was done, she stepped back, taking a moment to simply drink in the sight of two of the people she loved most in the universe settling in for a meal.::

:: The small pause caught T'Lea's eye, and she could certainly understand why the woman hadn't left yet.::

T'Lea: You okay?

Vetri: Just enjoying the view - and trying to figure out just what I did right to deserve you.

T'Lea: ::smirking:: Well, you saved my life for one… *some* might consider that a good thing. ::beat:: Before you go running off to save the galaxy from alien scum, get some food in you, please. Can't have the Captain passing out on the bridge from low blood sugar.

Vetri: Yes, *mother*...

:: The cheeky grin she gave T'Lea was a welcome change from what she'd been feeling when she came in here, and she snagged her sandwich from it's plate.::

T'Lea: ::tilting a look:: That's twice now. You're asking for it, sweetcheeks.

Vetri: Oh, I'm sure you'll think of some way to get me back. ::frowning as she looked at the sandwich:: In fact, I think you already have. A banana sandwich? Seriously?

:: Leaning down to place a kiss on T'Sara's brow, then her mate's lips, she took an absent-minded bite of her sandwich and headed back out to the bridge.::

:: T'Lea's eyes faded from the doorway as it closed. Della had a hell of a lot on her mind right now, and even though T'Lea really wanted to discuss what was going to happen to their little family the next time they docked for shore leave – now definitely was *not* the time. She glanced down at the baby in her arms when T'Sara had suddenly become fussy and squirmy.::

T'Lea: Miss her already? She'll be… ::sniffing the air toward her diaper:: Oh, frell… that's foul.

:: Standing, she held her breath and glanced desperately around the room, narrowing her view on Beth.::

T'Lea: Computer, reactivate the Holo-Nanny, quickly! Beth: ::exceedingly happy:: Hi!



Commander Della Vetri

Commanding Officer

USS Aurora


"Understanding is a three edged sword - your side, their side, and the truth." & Lt. Cmdr. T'Lea

Chief Science Officer

USS Aurora, NCC-72750

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