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[Round 7] Now All I Need Is a Mustache!

FltCapt. Sidney Riley

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((Morgue, Main Medical Facility))

Avandar: Perhaps this played a role.

::Avandar pointed to the patches where the red fluid was most concentrated. Sasak scanned it with his tricorder.::

Sasak: The tricorder reads the liquid as some kind of fructose enriched water with multiple unidentifiable compounds. ::beat:: I will have more information once we are allowed to take samples.

::Ethan quickly ran Sasaks description of the liquid through his mind, letting the words filter through what little he remembered of his chemistry classes.::

McNair: Fructose enriched water? That's a fruit sugar in water, could it be juice?

Reed: That makes sense. There's something other than blood staining his clothes. A liquid. Perhaps a drink was the source, from the replicator or one of the nearby establishments that serve refreshments. Dr. Sasak, Ensign McNair, I need you to analyze and identify the liquid and the poison. You will need to discover their source and shut it down for further investigation. Make sure there are no similar incidences. Counsellor Avandar and I are going to speak with the Romulan ambassador. We'll notify you when it is acceptable to proceed with an autopsy.

Sasak: Indeed. ::pause:: Thank you.

McNair: You got it Commander.

::As Avandar and Reed left, Sasak turned toward McNair.::

Sasak: I suggest we start with this man's last known location before being transported to Sickbay 12.

::Ethan thought for a moment and reached for his PADD.::

McNair: The computer would have picked up his bio signature, I'm sure we could-

::Before he could finish or even start typing on his own PADD, Sasak spoke up.::

Sasak: The wait station on Deck 1043.

McNair: Well...uh...right. What Sasak said. Deck 1043, I guess.

Sasak: This way.

::Ethan smiled wanly at Commander Reed, fighting the urge to mentally berate himself for dropping the ball as he followed after Sasak as they headed back through the medical centre towards the transporter wait station.::

McNair: So, uh, this kind of thing happen often? Explosions, terrorists, dead ambassadors?


McNair: Ah. So...not a common occurrence. Glad to hear it. Hate to think I got assigned to a station with a habit of getting bombed.


::With that Ethan decided it would be prudent to keep his mouth shut. Instead he simply looked straight ahead until they arrived at the wait station, where the solitude of transporting was a welcome reprieve, at least for a few seconds.::

((Wait Station, Deck 1043))

Sasak: It is most likely that Surellis obtained the liquid from those ::Sasak pointed with his right index finger.:: public replicators.

::Ethan was barely aware of his surroundings and already Sasak was in full detective mode.::

oO I'm starting to feel like one of those detective sidekicks like Watson or Lewis Oo

McNair: Alright, so we know where he got his drink, what exactly do we do with that knowledge?

Sasak: Retrieve the replicator logs and the security footage for the time in question. ::beat:: Please.

::Ethan grinned slightly and switched over to his best Newcastle accent (admittedly not a very good one)::

McNair: Aye sir. I'll get right on it.

::Ethan pulled out his PADD and began interfacing with the replicators while at the same time accessing the local security net with his shiny new access code. Meanwhile behind him Sasaks commbadge beeped.::

Reed: =/\= Reed to Dr. Sasak. =/\=

Sasak: =/\= Sasak here. =/\=

Reed: =/\= Doctor, report. =/\=

Sasak: =/\= Ensign McNair and I are investigating the origins of the red fluid present in the body's mouth. =/\=

Reed: =/\= Very well. Continue. We have permission to proceed with analysis of the body. =/\=

Sasak: =/\= That is most agreeable. ::beat:: Were no restrictions… ::Sasak looked for the most diplomatic word.:: requested by the Romulan authorities? =/\=

Reed: =/\= RESPONSE =/\=

Sasak: =/\= Acknowledged. =/\=

Reed: =/\= Counsellor Avandar and I are proceeding to investigate the victim's quarters. Reed out. =/\=

::Ethans PADD beeped as the download completed and the young Ensign gratefully began scanning through the data instead of eavesdropping on Sasaks conversation. Almost immediately something caught his eye, or rather a lack of something.::

McNair: Sir, there's something strange going on...


McNair: Well, first off nobody was near him when he ordered the juice. Oh, yeah, it was juice, Uttaberry actually.


McNair: Anyway, nobody was near him so it didn't get spiked with anything, but there was a glitch in the security feed shortly before he arrived here. At that exact same time somebody accessed the replicators main memory file where the replication equations are stored.


McNair: Well, it wasn't like they just smashed their way in, they did a pretty good job hiding their tracks. I wouldn't have found it if that security glitch hadn't given me a time frame to focus on.



Ensign Ethan McNair

Engineering Officer

Starbase 118

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