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[Round 5] Walking your Terran


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((Sickbay - Still morning))

:: Tash had slept more, had a light meal, and been IV'ed fluids throughout. Head fuzzy, body slow, deeper injuries healing themselves and past emergency care, he was able to move at the very least. ::

:: Now without the attached IV's, feeling far less dazed and being medicated quite thoroughly for the pain, he dared slip off the bio-bed and pad barefoot and alone to the showers nearby. Doubtful he moved without being noticed, but nobody harassed him, thankfully. Slipping in, moving gingerly but capably, he managed to not kill himself. ::

:: Rubbing lightly over the closed gash on his forehead, he couldn't help wondering about his spine, but it wasn't an easy place to see and he wasn't going to ask for help. He ran a hand back, then down the metallic protrusions, reaching his lower spine and finding... flat flesh, newly healed, and lots of it. And he could feel something there just beneath the flesh... the nanites, regenerating, creating new spinal plates? ::

:: Oh, it would be marvelous when those shot out... ::

:: Carefully, he dressed. Simple garb, replicated black pants and soft military green t-shirt. Returning to his bio-bed, he found himself exhausted. Healing must still be taking it out of him. Virgo wasn't about to release him anyway, so he slowly slipped back up onto the bio-bed, lay carefully on his side, and easily slipped into sleep again. ::

((Sickbay -- Afternoon))

:: He'd slept going on a strong 6 more hours, hardly moving even in his sleep there in the private room. At some point someone... likely a nurse... had slipped a thermal blanket over him, though he'd slept right through it. ::

:: Waking slowly, he let himself ease into consciousness again, no rush to it. He'd slept well, and almost let himself stay there... but it became apparent there was something actually waking him. A hand on his shoulder. Eyes barely opening, he looked up from his comfortable curled position to find a familiar face, and a small smile came to him at the welcome company. ::

:: He looked peaceful. Peaceful was good. He needed rest, thought T'Lea staring down at his quiet form. He looked better than the last time she saw him, all blood and guts. Although, he still looked a bit pale, but then he always did. At least he was breathing easier now. He was breathing right? If so, it was so soft she could hardly see his chest move.::

::Poking his arm she tried to get a reaction. It didn't work. Taking him by the shoulder she gave him a gentle shake. Ah, there he was, emerald eyes focusing up at her.::

T'Lea: Hi.

Tash: ::the sleep apparent in his voice:: Hey...

T'Lea: The nurse said you were awake.

Tash: Jus' bein' lazy.

:: He cleared his throat, closing his eyes tight before trying to push his brain into full "awake" mode. Opening them again, he pushed up on his arms, sitting up, crossing his legs beneath him on the bio-bed. ::

T'Lea: Oh. I didn't mean to disturb you. I thought perhaps you were dead.

:: Probably shouldn't have said that last bit, she thought, kicking herself afterwards. ::

Tash: Didn't you know? I'm immortal.

:: This was said with a not-so energetic but somewhat playful tone. At least, what he could muster. All said and done, he honestly didn't feel that bad. There was little pain now, just a cloudy sense of slowness, mentally and physically. ::

T'Lea: I was being serious. You almost died in my arms, remember.

:: It wasn't a question it was a cold, hard fact, and the fact that he was joking about it put her off a little – or a lot – she didn't know actually, *that* would depend on his next response.::

Tash: When isn't it serious? ::thinking on it:: I actually don't remember all that much. Just a whack on the head. I did ask for it, though. [...]ed that Romulan off like mad, did you see the look on his face when I hit the comm.? Last I recall we were dumped in the cell.

T'Lea: ::pulling up a chair:: I'll spare you the gory details then. Obviously we escaped, but I think you'll be surprise who orchestrated that small favor…

:: Upon hearing the short version of events unfolded, he perked up just a little. ::

Tash: Didn't do anything else stupid, did I? ::he paused, not noticing what might be her conflicted expression:: Wait, I don't wanna know. It's usually the same answer anyhow.

:: T'Lea had left out the details of their time together while floating in the escape pod. She still wasn't sure if Tash had been in his right mind when he made some rather interesting comments, hell, she wasn't even sure if *she* was in her right mind when she heard them, or how she was supposed to react to them, which was probably another reason why she didn't bring it up.::

T'Lea: Usually? Hmm… I thought you were more consistent than that.

Tash: Let's get outta here. Virgo'll let me out if I have a babysitter.

:: He slid, albeit a little sluggishly, off the bio-bed, careful to gauge his movements to the ache in his spine. He'd push a lot of things, but the spine was sort of essential, so he had no intention of pushing things. Just needed out of sickbay for a while, as any person would. ::


:: They'd managed to slip out of Sickbay without too much of a fuss and were now cruising the corridors at a steady pace. Slow. A nurse had given them the evil eye as they'd left Sickbay, but T'Lea had managed to out "evil-eye" her and that was the end of that. Tash was free, albeit under the Romu-vulc's supervision. Honestly, she wasn't entirely convinced he should be up and walking around, but he seemed more alive and maybe even stronger since they'd left. Perhaps his little nanites needed exercise too.::

T'Lea: Are you sure about this? You still look weak.

Tash: ::looking to her, knowing he looked how he felt:: Tired, but I'm good. It feels good to move a little.

T'Lea: If you fall I'm leaving your sorry [...] on the floor for Virgo. I already carried you once through a ship, I'm not going to do it again.

:: She wasn't smiling, but there was a subtle tease behind her voice.::

Tash: Carried me...? ::he glanced at her again, an eyebrow going up:: ...You can carry me?

:: A little secret he''d kept to himself concerning the metallic growths, which perhaps only Sariel knew of... with the nanites he topped 300 pounds. He couldn't imagine even a Vulcan hybrid being able to lug around a whole 136 kilos very easily. ::

T'Lea: ::a half glance his way:: I'm glad you're alive.

Tash: ::laughing lightly, but suffering for it a little:: Yeah, me too.

T'Lea: And what I meant by that was I'm glad you're awake. Your snoring kept me up last night.

:: After most life-forms on the ship had gone to sleep last night, T'Lea ended up in Sickbay, sitting in Tash's room, worried for his health mostly, but also feeling pathetically lonely. He was there, out cold, and he couldn't leave her. *That* is what she'd resorted too. Seeking companionship from comatose men. Definitely pathetic, and nothing she'd ever admit to herself.::

:: The eyebrows both went up at that. She'd stayed with him? She'd watched him sleep? That was... strangely satisfying, yet simultaneously creepy. ::

Tash: You were there... the whole night?

:: She ignored him, and perhaps wisely so, instead choosing to remind them of their location. ::

T'Lea: Where are we headed, because Vetri's office is right around the corner. I can dump you there, you know.

:: That was an odd little joke mixed with a threat simply to change the subject. His response though was quite shocking.::

Tash: Aha... probably a good idea. Della will probably drag me in eventually after all the excitement anyway. ::he glanced at the doorway to the counselors office, realizing he'd run out of energy anyway. A stop might be smart.:: Don't want you leaving me in the corridor, right?

:: He gave her one of those smiles, tired but managing it naturally. ::

Tash: I'll make it back. You've probably got other things to do. Ensigns to scare.

T'Lea: Are you certain?

Tash: I'll make it back, no worries. We'll see how much a Trill can carry.

T'Lea: ::smartly:: Good. Give Spots hell for me.

:: They parted ways, and Tash took a moment to lean into the wall and breathe, resetting his tired mind for Della. There were a few things he thought would be good to bring up with her anyway. ::


Lt. Cmdr. Tash Zubowskivich

Chief of Security

USS Constitution-B

Lt. Commander T'Lea

Historian & Archaeological Specialist

USS Constitution-B

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