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[Round 1] Alice In Wonderland

FltCapt. Sidney Riley

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(( Sick Bay ))

::Helen was dazed by the sudden trust backward, away from her body, but not injured. In fact, it seemed as if she had sailed right through Korliath's biobed. Apparently, solid matter wouldn't be an issue for the time being, though she noticed she wasn't sinking through the floor.::

Beal: [[i wonder..]]

::Well, if she concentrated, she could dip her fingers below the tile.::

Beal: (Vulcan-like) [[Fascinating.]]

::Actually, what was most fascinating was the unprecedented clarity of thought she as experiencing. There was none of the usual brain fog, or heightened nerves, that Helen had come to accept as the everlasting remnants of her anxiety condition. They came and went at an expected pace, as her brain was conditioned react to stress.

::Now, this was certainly a stressful situation, but there was nothing cloudy about her mind. There was fear, yes, and even confusion, but she could move about her thoughts like one passing through a hedge maze with a highly detailed map. They were like topiaries she could pause in front of an study.

::Then again, she was a without the trouble of a physical brain for the time being, as the biobed monitors clearly indicated.

::Helen sat up. Suddenly, there was a hand on her shoulder. A physical hand. Even her shoulder felt more real under its touch. She turned to see Delinda Sharee by her side.::

Sharee: [[Are you okay? Oh, please god I hope you can hear me.]]

Beal: [[i can hear you! You can hear me?]]

::Helen jumped to her knees, realizing she could even see Delinda's lips moving. She placed both of her hands on Delinda's shoulders. They seemed more solid than anything in the room.::

Sharee: [[Yes, yes. No one else has been able to hear, or even see me though.]]

Beal: [[but this means...]]

Sharee: [[We are both stranded in ::beat:: whatever this is.]]

Beal: [[What is going on?]]

::They rose to their feet. Helen's eyes moved back to her body on the biobed.::

Beal: [[i was in the transporter room. I had just come back from the Klingon ship. My head started to ache and... I was speaking French. It was... like a stroke. And all of a sudden I was here.]] ::A few moments of silence.:: [[Where are you? I mean, where is your body?]]

Sharee: ::smile falling away, seriously:: [[My quarters. My head hit the corner of a table when I fell. I was bleeding badly. I came here trying to get some help.]]

Beal: [[We need to get someone there right away!]]

Sharee: [[but how?]]

Beal: ::Sighing, thoughtfully.:: [[i don't know how.]]

Sharee: [[i thought about typing out a message, but I don't think I could work the keyboard.]]

::Helen felt something tap her foot. First, she scowled, wondering if maybe she had imagined it. Slowly, she lowered her eyes.

::It was... a rabbit.::

Tsuro: [[i see you are worried about the fact that you are spirits. I think you should follow me. I have found something you need to see.]]

::Helen's jaw was hanging on its hinges. She couldn't think of a single thing worth saying.::

Sharee: [[Who are you?]]

Tsuro: ::somewhat offended:: [[i am Tsuro Magen'a, the Clever Hare! Surely you have heard of me?]]

Beal: [[...What?]]

Sharee: [[Tsuro Magen'a?]]

Beal: [[The Clever Hare?]]

Tsuro: [[No time! Come!]]

::The rabbit turned around and scampered at full speed through the sickbay door. Helen didn't move a muscle, aside from staring at Delinda.::

Beal: [[The Clever Hare? (Beat) Are we supposed to know who that is?]]

Sharee: [[i really don't know what to think at this point.]]

Beal: [[Well, we don't have any other options, do we?]]

::They began to follow him, quickening to a jog. Helen squeezed her eyes shut as they passed through the door. The rabbit was just ahead of them.::

Beal: [[i have to ask, Lt. Commander. Right now, are we speaking Basic, or French.]]

Sharee: [[basic? I think?]]

Beal: [[Je ne sais pas...]]


Lieutenant Helen Beal


USS Eagle

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