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[Round 3] Rear Admiral Rocar: Part I: The End of the Prospero

Sakorra Jefferson Reed

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(( Main Bridge, USS CRAZY HORSE))

:: Having received a distress call from the USS PROSPERO, their former adversary

in a simulated war game, everything on the Bridge suddenly took a serious turn.

The over-confident air vanished into a flurry of professionalism. ::

Rocar: Ensign Obsidian, disengage all modified beams.

Obsidian: Aye, Sir bringing weapons systems to full ready, might I also

recommend Red or at least Yellow alert at this point?

Rocar: Indeed, yellow alert and make it clear that this is no longer a drill.

:: The tall Ktarian sat and watched the nebula ahead of them. 2 seconds passed.

Beat. ::

Rocar: Mr. Rogg Maximum Shields.

Rogg: response

Rocar: Helm, follow the warp signature.

Moon: response

Rocar: Any sign of the Prospero yet?

Readdy: Negative. It's as though they cloaked somehow! I think something has

developed inside that nebula.

:: From the back of the Bridge the Commanding Officer was informed that the warp

trail had stopped ahead of them.::

Rocar: Cut all engines, bring us to a standstill.

:: Everyone waited with baited breath as an enthusiastic looking blue collared

officer appeared in the centre of the Bridge carrying his suitcases.::

Fatuus: Admiral, sir. This might not exactly be proper timing given the

circumstances... Ensign Ignis Fatuus, reporting for duty.

:: The Admiral watched with a bemused jovial smile as the Ensign placed down his

luggage on the floor so he could salute. Rocar tried to remember if he'd ever

seen someone bring their suitcases to the Bridge before.::

Rocar: No need to salute Ensign we're not in the Kzinti marine corps… someone

ought to have met you in the transporter room and taken your baggage to your

quarters Mr. Fatuus.

Fatuus: Perhaps the war-game prevented that, no matter. I will find a place for

these until I receive word of where my quarters are. This will by no means

interfere with my duties.

Rocar: You can stick them in my ready room for now so as to assume your post

until the crisis is over.

:: Although not a telepath, Rocar was a former Federation diplomat and thought

the new officer's smile to be somewhat suspect. ::

Fatuus: Very generous of you, thank you. ::glancing at the main viewer and the

officers at ops, helm and tactical.:: Tell me... are we winning?

Rocar: The war-game has rather taken a turn for the more serious…simulation is

over and we're on a genuine yellow alert.

Fatuus: response

Rocar: We've responded to a distress call from our vessel and…

::The Admiral cut himself abruptly short as Ensign Obsidian raised his voice

from the tactical console.::

Obsidian: Admiral, the Prospero

:: Usually the Commanding Officer would have signalled for Obsidian to hail them

but the old Miranda class' movements were irregular. He'd been wearing a red

collar on the Bridge of Starships long enough to know what was about to happen

and it was almost as if a sixth sense brought the older flag officer standing-up

onto his feet. His mouth felt dry and his mind blankly silent but decades of

training seemed to still bring words out in a calm, steady and clearly audible


Rocar: Helm full reverse; Ensign Rogg give me full power to frontal shields.

:: The Ktarian felt his stomach clench violently as the USS PROSPERO carelessly

tumbled towards them, flames now flickering over her hull as her bulkheads

ripped open under the force of the explosions. Even if the transporter room

could get a lock on the 6 away team members then he'd have to lower shields and

that would put the other hundreds of lives under his command in direct risk. It

was a tough choice to take but really there was no choice at all as the

Commanding Officer left the away team to their death and ensured the CRAZY

HORSE's crew remained save behind shields. Antimatter met matter and anyone

looking at Admiral Rocar would have seen his face squirm in pain.::

Rocar: (whispered almost silently under his breath) Great Birds of the Galaxy

:: Two sharp, green catlike eyes pierced out to the viewscreen in front. Most

people could now see fire torn pieces of hull being scattered as dust and debris

as the PROSPERO erupted into a fireball and the CRAZY HORSE's red alert rang

out, however, Rocar barely saw any of it… instead the smiling faces of Ventu,

Reed, Ramirez, Reynolds, West and Webb all flashing by through his head. ::


:: Rocar handed a much younger looking Lily Ventu her reassignment orders for

the USS CONSTITUTION and told her about his former First Officer Captain Taboo



:: Reed sat in his office on Starbase 118 and looked at a holoportrait of his

twins Xan and Cheliz as they settled down to discuss the joys of parenthood with

a smile.::


:: A young Ktarian in a blue collar towered over an adolescent version of Cyrus

Webb and ran a tricorder over the Betazoid's brain ::


:: Rocar stood scowling as he reprimanded Ramirez for what was always the

Lieutenant's "the final chance"


:: Rocar sat at his desk on long range communications with the commanding

officer of the USS STEADFAST as the young commanding officer spoke

enthusiastically about Major Heath West. ::


:: A Lieutenant sat in Rocar's office trying (but failing completely) to keep

her eyes off the piano that occupied a portion of his office. She'd always had

to make do with roll-up, portable versions and holographic facsimiles... None of

which were quite the same as the real thing, no matter how much technology


Rocar: I realise that's a slightly unusual thing for a Captain to keep in his

office but it helps me clear my mind when things get hectic and there's

decisions to be made.

::He hit a couple of random notes as he walked passed it to the replicator.::

Reynolds: It has a lovely sound.

Rocar: Yes, do you play?

::Lieutenant Reynolds had paused for a second. It was something she didn't

usually tell people; her musical inclination. Quinn liked having something that

was just hers, that she

didn't have to share. But then again, very few people ever asked and the last

one that had... Well, she missed being able to share with a fellow musician.::

Reynolds: ...Actually, I do. ::A hint of colour crept back onto her cheeks at

the admission.:: Though not usually in front of anyone.

(((End Flashback)))

:: His stomach churning, Rocar brought his attention back to the present and the

Main Bridge that had fallen to total silence. ::


Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh

Commanding Officer

Starbase 118

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