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[Round 3] USS Prospero: And My Ending is Despair

Sakorra Jefferson Reed

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(( Space, the Final Frontier ))

::The crew had gone and the Prospero had been tossed aside by an alien

civilisation that for once, perhaps truly embodied the meaning of the word

alien. Alone, she tumbled through the nebula on a careless trajectory.

With no one to stop it, fire took hold in her innards. Flames licked up

bulkheads and through conduits, explosions feeding the inferno, systems

failing in a cascade of vibrant colours. Alarms screamed in vain, begging

for an answer, until they too were silenced by the blaze.

::The gases parted like liquid gold washing over the hull when she finally

emerged from the nebula. Not forward, but sideways, the top of her saucer

section came into view first. Languidly, she continued to roll, at first

appearing no different to how she looked when her new crew had come

aboard... Until the roll brought her underbelly into view. Blackened and

eviscerated by weapons fire, multi-coloured flames blossomed out from the

hull before being snuffed out by vacuum. Bulkheads ripped open by

explosions and twisted by tractors reached out into space like claws

grasping for some kind of salvation.

::One final alarm cried out in a futile protest. The lifeblood of the ship,

the pulse of her heart, could not longer be contained. Antimatter met

matter. The raw fury of annihilation violently burned through the core of

her being. In a matter of moments, she was consumed by fire and torn to

pieces, and when the flames had died, the only traces of her presence were

the dust and debris speeding toward the stars.::


USS Prospero


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