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[Round 18] Meeting of the Minds


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((Marine Security - DS24))

::Hella sat with her feet propped up on her desk, going over the latest security reports, wondering why she hadn't seen more head banging in them::

Hella: oO @#%! do we have a bunch of candies on staff, or what? Maybe, tomorrow I should go show them how it's done. Oo

:: The office door chimed. and she yelled::

Hella: It ain't locked, come!

::The door opened and Hella looked up and shrugged, unimpressed by the man standing in it.::

::Walking in, Thad gave it a good five seconds, the officer had the gall to remain seated. Thad had read the reports on Hella, but he didn't think that she could be defiant.::

Hella: oO I believe I'm fixing to get chewed out.Oo

::Thad closed his eyes as he moved his head back over to face Hella. Opening his eyes he looked at her, with her feet propped up on the desk, looking at him as if he were bothering her.::

Hamilton: I am looking for 1st Lt. Hella, I assume that is you...the purple hair kind of ::moving one hand in a circular motion:: dead give away.

Hella: And?

Hamilton: I have only met Colonel deMarc this afternoon...::looking away, with a puzzled look:: and I don't know how lax Marine Protocol is on a starship...but do you see this pretty little leaf? ::rubbing one finger over his rank insignia on his shoulder:: ::whispering:: And do you see your cute little bars? In my world, sweetheart...people wearing those, ::slowly raising his voice to a yell as he spoke:: Jump to their @#%! feet when higher ranking officers walk into a room!!!!

Hella: ::tossing the padd she was reading onto the desk, she leaned forward, speaking calmly.:: *Sugar,* do you have something against purple hair?

Hamilton: ::tilting his head to the side, he couldn't understand why she was so unruly:: I happen to love purple hair, Lieutenant Hella.

Hella: Look *Major* Hamilton, frankly I don't give a @#%! that you have a leaf on your collar. It's the man behind the leaf who I'll be working with, not for.

Hamilton: I have read your file, and quite frankly I don't understand why deMarc wouldn't have just sent you off somewhere...

Hella: Well, then if you've read my file, then you already know that I'm not your conventional Marine. I'm serving time by making my services available to them, and that time is almost up, so instead of you and I butting heads over small infractions, that time would be better spent getting to the point. Or if you prefer, I could spend the next month in the Brig. It's your call, and I don't give a @#%! either way you call it.

Hamilton: ::sitting down he put his feet on Hella's desk:: I have a better idea...Conduct Unbecoming is a broad infraction... it could mean something small, like not saluting a superior, or something bigger, like disobedience... each offense carried the penalty of up to six months and discharge... but I don't want your pretty little @#%! going anywhere, so from where I am sitting, I think adding that six months to your time as a Marine would be about ::sarcastically nods:: adequate.

Hella: ::leaning back, propping her feet up again, folding her hands behind her head.:: Then that means I don't have to worry about having enough to eat or running out of something to wear for awhile. ::yawns::

Hamilton: ::laughing, as he took his feet off the desk and sat up straight:: Looking for a free ride? That's too bad...the complaint department has been decommissioned, and replaced with the Department of You will follow every order I give...they will be fair, and they will be just..I don't beat around the bush, and I sure as hell don't give a @#%! about feelings...You may not be a spit and polish Marine...but you will at least pass for a well disciplined one...or you will have the rest of your life ::smiles as he stands:: to practice...I will add six months every time you look at me cross-eyed. You want to do your time...I want Marines. Do we have an understanding, Lieutenant?

Hella: ::crosses her eyes at him:: Yes, you want the snot-nosed kids you have turned into Marines. I can do that for you. But if you think for one minute I'm going to cow-tail to you, you can forget it. Read my orders *Major,* and you'll see I'm here on a special assignment, the details of which have been omitted. Now if you'll get off your power trip, and end this stand off, I believe we can come to terms that will be advantageous to both of us.

Hamilton: I will get over my "power trip" as soon as you get over your pompous attitude...::considering her offer:: but I am all ears.

Hella: Let's get down to brass tacks. First of all, I do respect anyone who can hold his own with me. Only one other could do that... Major Heath West. And secondly, I'm not as bad as I pretend to be. It's a coping mechanism I use in doing my job. I don't think I have to tell you what the Shadow platoon did for the Challenger Marines... first in and last out. Thirdly, I just lost the entire platoon, with the exception of Evans, to the Borg. And from the looks of you, I don't think I have to tell you what that's like either. Fourthly... I have a job to do, and you have a job you want done. If you're not so pig-headed that you can't see I can give you what you want, we may could work out some kind of mutually beneficial agreement, otherwise I sit on my @#%! and do nothing.

Hamilton: You are right, if I need something done...I will come to you. If you need something, you come to me. I am also a resource, I know the Brass can drag their feet at times, but I will not tolerate one of my officers going AWOL, are we clear?

Hella: I'll bear that in mind.::touches her forehead with her bent fingers in a mock salute::

Hamilton: You may turn out to be a good Marine one day...but until that day, keep working on it.

::Thad left her office, pondering if he should have thrown her in the brig and forgotten about her. She did just lose a platoon, and she could always be this bad. It would be interesting to see what she could accomplish.::

Hella: ::smirking:: oO Well, well, well. Finally, one I can trust like I could West. Oo


PNPC Maj Thaddeus Hamilton

Battalion CO

Deep Space 24

As SIMed by: Andrus Jaxx


PNPC 1st Lt. Hella

Chief of Marine Security

Deep Space 24

As SIMed by: Toni Turner

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