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[Round 17] A Job Not Done


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((USS Indria-A - Corrider, deck 8))

Assanti: =/\=Actually, Lt. Banks, I'd be needing you up here on the bridge. However, do check in with Ensign Locke and see how things are coming alone with the probe modifications. Ensign Jo'Kor is up here at the science console, but I think we'll be needing you in another capacity. With Lt. Cmdr Zubowsivich dead and Cmdr Perkins in recovery, I will need my command positions filled. I'm appointing you as Second Officer. Yet, I do wish for you to remain as chief of science for the moment. Check in with Locke and the scientists and the get yourself on the bridge. Assanti out. =/\=

Banks: =/\= Yes, ma'am. Will do. =/\=

::Susan did an about-face; toe to heel. Making her way to stellar cartography, she was about to enter when Cmdr. Fanel's voice came over the comm.::

Fanel: =/\= Attention, will Lt. Alexander, Lt. Banks, and Ensign Reven report to the bridge. =/\=

oO Sure. Anything you say. I'm a lieutenant commander, *Mister* Fanel! But do I check with Locke first? Wait.... Locke isn't in stellar cartography... So just where do I find him? Engineering? Sheesh! Now I got to go hunt him down. Oo

::The chime of the ship-wide communications opened and the commander's voice started right up talking about the CoS. What a vibrant, young, dedicated officer he was.::

oO From what I heard, she should know. Giving 110 percent of himself.... how can one give more than 100 percent? Don't make sense to me. Oo

::As the commander continued with her eulogy, Susan felt a growing respect for her. She always respected the CO of a ship but now she was starting to respect the woman behind the ship who had lost her lover. Her voice was strong, such as a captain's should be.::

::Lt.Cmdr. Banks discovered that she had stopped in the middle of the corridor. Looking around, she found that she wasn't the only one. A few tears were seen and quickly wiped away. Susan felt a welling up

of emotion then fought it down. She was a department head... she could cry later.::

Assanti: ...Minus as Second Officer and with our FO recovering in Sick Bay, Lt. Cmdr Jacen Fanel is Acting First Officer and Lt. Cmdr. Susan Banks is acting Second Officer. Until replacements for their positions are found, they will be doubling up on their old positions. Keep your hearts strong and your minds focused. It is what Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich would have insisted on. Carry on, Captain Assanti out =/


Assanti: =/\= Lt. Cmdr Banks, I need you to check on the alien shutle craft in shuttle bay one. See if you can decipher its orgins. Belay the order to return tot he bridge. Assanti out. =/\=

::Lt.Cmdr. Banks had been loyal to only two others in her life. Now there was a third. Never again would she call Captain Assanti by her actual rank of commander.::

Banks: =/\= Yes, Captain, heading to the shuttle bay now. =/\=

oO By-passing Locke, by-passing the bridge and by-passing life as I know it. Oo

Hensley: Did you know that the CoS had a rabbit named Tilly?

::Banks glanced over at the petty officer that was now matching her step for step.::

Banks: Whatcho talkin' `bout, Henny?

Hensley: What you gonna do with the rabbit? ::shrugging:: I don't understand why animals are allowed on starships, myself.

Banks: Not my call, Hensley. Now I gotta go find out about a rodent. Henny, don't talk to me again until I've forgotten you exist.

::Lisa Hensley stopped walking, letting Susan's pace quicken. Cmdr. Banks needed to be at the shuttle bay when the aliens landed. She shook her head slowly. A rabbit. If someone else didn't take it, she

would send it to SB118 from whence it came.::

Lt.Cmdr. Susan Banks

Chief Science Officer

USS Indria-A

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