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[Round 17] Are we there yet?

Julia Harden

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((USS Indria-A))

:: Jacen was reading more reports when he noticed the nebula on the

screen. He was getting up to tell Cura, but then turned to see her

walk out.::

Assanti: Lt. Cmdr Fanel, what is our ETA to the Azure Nebula? I was

looking out of my viewer and saw the edges of it.

Fanel: We'll be there in a few minutes. I was going to tell you, but

you're here, so no need.

Assanti: ::Taking her seat as Fanel too the FO's chair.:: Alright Lt.

Cmdr Fanel, call Lt. Alexander, Ensign Reven, Lt. Banks to the bridge

and have them take their stations.

Fanel: =/\= Attention, will Lt. Alexander, Lt. Banks, and Ensign

Reven report to the bridge. =/\=

::Cura waited as Fanel called those officers to the bridge. Not more

than a ten minutes later, those officers arrived on deck.::

Assanti: Mr. Reven, time to show me your stuff. Reduce speed to Full

Impulse. Ms. Alexander, reroute all power from non-essential decks to

our sensor array and shielding. Lt. Cmdr Fanel, I think now would be

a good time to give Lt. Alexander the codes to broadcast over our

communications as we enter the Nebula.

Fanel: Yes, ma'am.

::Jacen handed Alexander her a padd with the codes after he cleared

it for her to read.::

Alexander : response

Assanti: Before we go any further, Lt. Alexander, open interior

communications to all decks.

Alexander: response

Assanti: ::clearing her throat.:: =/\= Your attention, please. This

is the Captain. Normally, we'd be holding a memorial services for Lt.

Cmdr Tash Zubowskivich, who was shot down by enemy fire aboard this

ship. Believe me, if time permitted us, we'd be doing just that. Yet,

for the moment, I would like to offer a few moments of silence. Then,

I will say a few words and then we will get on with the business of

completing this mission.

::Jacen looked at her and wondered a bit. It has been hard and he

thought it would be good to get it off her chest.::

::Cura paused, closing her eyes to calm herself. She waited a long

moment or two and then she spoke again.::

Assanti: =/\=Lt. Cmdr Tash Zubowskivich, when I met him some two

years ago about Starbase 118, was a vibrant, young, dedicated and

enthusiastic officer, always willing to give you 110 percent of

himself. When I met him he was not an officer under my command, but a

colleague. When I needed assistance, he was there. Ever since that

day, he came back into my life as a Chief of Security under my

command. He hadn't changed one bit but he had grown wiser and more

cautious. He took initiative to just jump in and do things, without

being told and made our crew work like a well oiled machine. He was

the best securiy officer I've known, who was dedicated and serious

about his job. And that job took his life as he died in the line of

his duty, taking a shot meant for another. ::sighing:: It is after

all the job of secuity to always be willing to step into harms way to

save a life of someone more important. Yet, let us not forget that he

was important too. We are now moving into the Azure Nebula. Most

ships that have venture on this path, haven't returned. We have new

information from our scientists that the Darian are more than capable

and prepared to meet any threat that enters this sector. We shall

press on not just because we have a mission to complete. but because

it was not just Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich who has paid the ultimamte

sacrific. Countless others have died on this voyage. We will

complete this mission for their sakes...so their dying will not be in

vain! Let us all carry a torch into this good night with nothing but

victory on our hearts and minds. It is possible that we will make

contact with the Darians. If we do, it is our duty to carry the

message of peace and a warning of possible invasion by the rogue

Romulan Commander Sian and other races. It is our mission not just to

establish contact with the Darians again, but to try and protect

their way of life. Minus as Second Officer and with our FO recovering

in Sick Bay, Lt. Cmdr Jacen Fanel is Acting First Officer and Lt.

Cmdr. Susan Banks is acting Second Officer. Until replacements for

their positions are found, they will be doubling up on their old

positions. Keep your hearts stong and your minds focused. It is what

Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich would have insisted on. Carry on, Captain

Assanti out =/\=

::Jacen didn't say anything and let the silence take hold before

looking at Cura to nod at her.::

::Sighing, Cura turned to glance at Fanel. She nodded and returned

her gaze to the viewer.::

:: Then, Ensign Jo'Kor turned, her loud voice barking out in the

silence that lingured after Cura had spoken.::

Saja: Captain! Unidentified contact appraching our location. Heading

is erradic as there appears to be an astroid belt not far off as you

enter the Nebula. But it's a small....looks like a fighter aircraft,


Assanti: Begin transmitting that code over all freuencies. Track

that ship, Saja. If it comes closer without altering course, harness

it with the tractor beam!

Saja: Aye, Captain, tracking the unidentified ship!

Assanti: Put that on screen. I want to see if we can see it.

:; On the large view screen, the hazy baby blue and misty clouds of

the Azure Nebula engulfed the Indria as it moved through the edges of


Assanti: Magnify

:: Blining the viewer zoomed in more. Yet all that could be seen for

the moment was the flashing of the electro-mangnetic flashes and the

blue mist in the dark chasms. Then, as the Indria advanced, the edge

of the astroid belt could be seen now.::

Assanti: ::rising from her seat with wide eyes.:: All

Stop!! ::looking at the astroid field, Cura saw the lone ship

approaching. :: Engage tractor beam! Are we hailing that ship?

Alexander/ Reven: response

Assanti: When we get that ship on board, Lt. Cmdr Fanel, send Lt.

Wentworth and his security teams to the shuttle bay!

Fanel: =/\= Wentworth, take a team to shuttlebay 1. We are going to

have a guest. Exercise caution. =/\=

::While Jacen contacted Wentworth, Cura pressed on.:::

Assanti: Keep your ears peeled, Lt. Alexander. Any response, we

must answer it.

Lieutenant Commander Jacen Fanel

Chief Tactical Officer/Acting First Officer

USS Indria-A

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