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[Round 17] Supreme Commander


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Note: The Nali, a new species, is suppose a to have limited vocabulary as depicted by General Talogg speech patterns in this sim.

((Keysharr - Generals Office))

::The General awoke, laying on the new couch in his office. He got up walking into the lavatory, he took time splashing cold water on his face. Chancellor Gorash had been like a father to him. Talogg had served as Supreme Commander of Nali Forces for over two centuries, two thirds of that with Gorash as Chancellor. Talogg stared into the mirror, thinking of the day Gorash's father, Gortan, promoted Talogg...He was a Sub-General in charge of palace security. The Nali were brutal, even viewed as savage...but Talogg surpassed everyone in that sense. His battlefield tactics were not popular with other races. He used their strength, intelligence, and even technology to obliterate opposing races. He built a large fleet of ships to conquer entire systems. Every ship under his command had no brig, there was no need for it. Anyone opposing him was dead...foreign or domestic, he took no prisoners. In his mind he had become a great man...a

great man, with no offspring to carry on his legacy. The infertility raged him along with the Chancellor's passive attention on the matter. Talogg couldn't help but compare the old man to his father Gortan...He helped developed Talogg's tactics for the survival of the Nali race, and here was his son...letting it die off. ::

::Standing up he splash another dose of the frigid water on his face. He took his grooming brush and brushed the ape like hair away from his face. He buttoned his uniform, glaring into the mirror he stared into his own eyes. What would Gortan have thought? Talogg did not want to kill Gorash, he loved the man. But he could not let that love condemn the Nali people. He had been ordered to destroy the Geronimo and kill every colonist on Hulti 5. Two decades ago he would have carried out that order swiftly and brutally. But now...if they could tell him what was causing their plight, that could change everything. If there was a cure...the colonist could have Hulti 5, Talogg would be willing to give up the entire system, to save his people.::

::He walked out of the lavatory and through his office. He checked the time, realizing that it was up, he made his way to the Bridge. Everyone was hustling around tracking the fighters, and the Geronimo. They were anticipating a full invasion. Talogg had other plans, but someone close to him could ruin everything, he had to act...when the time came.::

Talogg: ::nods::Buka... is time...

Buka: Yes, My General...

::Buka ordered the fighters to fire, they confirmed the order and launched their attack. As soon as the word was given it took no time for the Geronimo to hail the massive battleship. The General gave it a few moments before answering the female. He never liked the fact that she was in command, but he did respect the fact that she was. Walking to the center of the Bridge he faced the screen and nodded to his comm officer. The less than appealing female image was displayed on the screen.::

Turner: =/\= General Talogg, we are currently running the final tests on a cure for the Nali's infertility problem. Firing on our Away Team, has delayed our progress. It's to the benefit of the survival of your future generations and seems to be a good enough reason to cease your fire. =/\=

Talogg: ::the General stood looking at the woman, he knew she was going to have a reason to buy more time, he paused and then looked to her.:: =/\=Tests? Time? =/\=

Turner: =/\= Yes, we need to test our results before we can be sure the cure will work, at least a few hours. =/\=

Talogg: ::He knew he could not give her the time she requested. The time had come...he had to decide to trust the Federation to help them solve a problem that has plagued his people for centuries. Nali scientists still have not found one clue as to why the females cannot reproduce....He let out a heavy sigh, he was a man at the end of a rope. He looked down and softly spoke:: =/\= Give ten minute...you will either have all time needed, or you are dead. Good luck each way...Captain...=/\=

::He bowed as she disappeared from the screen. He looked at the tiny Akria Class ship in orbit of Hulti 5. A single tear fell from his eye. He realized that there was nothing he could do to stop it now.::

Buka: ::watching a display:: They firing...not hitting colony...::he turned to look at the General questioningly::

::Talogg looked at Buka. He had been his First Officer for a dozen decades. He was truly a good Nali warrior. The General walked over to whisper in his ear. As he got close he unsheathed his knife from behind his back, he swiftly plunged the knife into Buka's chest, twisting it until the blade snapped.::

Talogg: ::whispers:: You good man. You spy to Gorash...I will miss you, brother.

::Letting go of Buka, he fell to the ground. Talogg turned to the rest of the officers. Everyone looked at him as if he did nothing wrong. It was a few short hours ago he had killed the Chancellor's son for attempting to take control of the fleet. He looked at the body of his dead First Officer, he stared into the dead mans eyes, peering into what he believed was what remained of his soul. With rage in his eyes he looked up to the rest of the officers.::

Talogg: Initiate Protocol One! Send guards to Chancellor Gorash's quarters, he not to move...he does, kill. Seal off Bridge. ::turning to the comm officer:: Send distress call to Chancellor's fleet on Nine. Tell them...mobilize entire fleet...bring here. ::turning to his engineer:: Take power grid down.

::Everyone carried out those orders just like they would had they been against another race. As the blast doors came down sealing the Bridge, Talogg thought of the mines in the asteroid field. Taking down the power grid, left every Nali ship without the power needed for their new shielding technology, leaving every Nali ship defenseless against damage. He thought of all Nali souls serving on the ships in the Chancellor's fleet. They were many young, good officers...who were just doing their duty. He smiled, thinking of what their sacrifice could bring...the sound of small children again. Child's games, teaching and grooming offspring to follow in the footsteps of his father. Those souls could pave the way for generations and generations of descendants. That made him feel that he was doing the right thing.::


PNPC General Talogg

Supreme Commander of Nali Forces

As SIMed by: Andrus Jaxx

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