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[Round 14] What Dreams May Come

FltCapt. Sidney Riley

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((Sickbay, USS Tiger))

::Par had been doing his best to help Reynolds and Eete make it back to consciousness. He sent to them telepathically, trying to guide them back to reality, and for a few seconds, had felt some sort of reply, however distant from them both. He had alerted Doctor Hathaway to the situation::

Hathaway: And their thought patterns?

Salen: hmmm...

Salen: Oh yes, ummm, minimal, could you check the EEG for me, I'd like to know if their brainwaves have changed from the Alpha-theta cycling ?

Hathaway: ::checking:: Not appreciably, though there are slight changes in the....

Eete: oO Who are you? I know your voice...who are you? Where are you?Oo

::Par nearly jumped..it was Eete, weak sounding, miles away it seemed, but still..He opened himself more, allowing her thoughts to flow to him, waiting for something..he sensed Eete in some sort of turmoil, slipping away, even as Reynolds seemed to be growing closer and closer to consciousness. ::

Salen:<< Eilis, it's me, Counselor Salen..Par, come back Eilis, reach out..catch my thoughts..>> ::Par grit his teeth focusing hard on sending Eete as much guidance to make her way back as he could. ::

Eete: oO I can't move! I can't move! Oo

Salen: <<hold on Eete, try again, don't stop trying...please don't stop !>> ::Par didn't notice the tears forming in his eyes, mingling with his sweat from his brow.::

::Par saw Eete's body start to convulse and spasm on the biobed, her vital signs were all over the place ! He forced himself to bring words to his lips, not panicing, ignoring his fear for her..:: Hathaway, Prox, anyone ! Give Eete a mild sedative, NOW !! One of you please take over monitoring Reynolds, Prox can you do it ?

Hathaway: Prox is helping Satscher; another emergency just came in. You have me, though.

::Par removed his hand from Reynold's forehead and placed it on Eete's cold, delicate skin. He closed his eyes again, entering her consciousness again..filtering her random thoughts and images as he delved deeper, sinking towards her core, past her surface layers of demeaner, recent memories..desires..He saw images start to flash by him faster and faster, things became colder the deeper he went, more still. Finally he saw it. A massive Grey-white, billowing wall, smoke-like in a way. He knew what that barrier was. He pushed through it, feeling it push back against his mind, resist his astral form, surround him, envelope him, trying to digest him to excrete him from this level of her psyche. Gradually, he felt himself becoming intwined with her "core"..her inner most being, fighting to keep himself separate from her though. It was difficult, seductive in a way, losing yourself by blending with another.::

::He eventually made his way through the barrier, more or less intact as himself, and looked around her dreamscape...where was she ?::


Salen:<< Eete, its Par..I'm here, look around..you can see me..come to me Eilis, hurry ! I've come to take you home.>> ::he called to her as he saw the gossamer form of Eete's dreamself shimmer and glow softly, it shifted between an approximation of the Eete he had met and that of a scared and lost looking little girl with big, sad eyes.::

Eete: oO I want to go home...Oo

::As he felt her fears and something else..something diseased.. envelope him, he pushed himself deeper into the reality she had created in her own mind..losing his tenuous grip on the outside world for the time being. As he did so, his body went limp and he slowly slid down onto the biobed with Eete on it, his form limp, eyes clinched tightly shut. Par's hands were still firmly planted on Eete's face and forehead. His breathing became irregularly irregular, as did his heartbeat...signs that in some fashion he was deep into Stage Rem.::


Ensign Par Salen


USS Tiger

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