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[Round 12] Stagefright is not your friend...

Julia Harden

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((Promenade;Starbase 118))

oOSomewhere out there is home...Oo

::Standing by one of the Promenade's panoramic windows, Della let her gaze roam

over the stars displayed before her. As with many others, she had traveled a

long road to get here, and she could still feel a slight buzz from her Academy


::With a start, she realized the her fingers had slipped up to touch the

brand-new rank pip at her collar, and her mouth twisted into a slight grin as

she pulled the hand back down again.::

oOGet a grip, Della. No-one's going to be impressed with a nervous Counselor.Oo

::Turning away from the window, Della found herself struck once again by just

how huge this station was, and how big a job she'd let herself in for. People

of all species roamed freely, going about their business in numbers that she'd

never seen before except on a planet's surface. At that point, a soft chime

came from the padd casually held in her hand, reminding her that she had

business of her own.::

::Heading for the nearest turbolift, she began idly planning where in her new

quarters the various knick-knacks she'd brought along could go, then shook her

head ruefully as she recognized that for the avoidance behavior it was.

Allowing a young Bolian couple to step out, she entered the lift, and took a

quick steadying breath.::

Vetri: Deck 6.

::The turbolift acknowledged the command and began moving, the doors opening a

short while later onto the Hub. A couple of officers glanced over at her from

their duty stations, and she gave a friendly nod to them as she began walking

toward the Captain's office. Coming to a halt at her destination, she felt the

nervousness making a comeback::

Vetri: Show time... ::she whispered to herself as she hit touched the panel to

announce herself::


((OOC -Anyone wanna chime in at any point of this, feel free (smiley) ))

Ensign Della Vetri


Starbase 118 Ops

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