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[Round 8] New Boots, Old Friends

Ilene Torza

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((Myers' Quarters))

:: Materializing in Myers' room, Hella struggled with the inebriated Marine to get him to sit down on his bunk so she could take off his new boots. How many times before had she had to play nursemaid to one of the Shadows to keep them from getting in trouble with deMarc... Countless. And although Myers was not one of her men anymore, she had a fondness for him that she couldn't deny, although she had denied it plenty of times to him and to others.::

Hella: Nice boots, Myers.

:: Drystan yawned, rather loudly and watched what she was doing with a casual, questioning lifted eyebrow. Why was she taking his boots off and how had they got in their so quickly?::

Myers: Hey... Hey.... They're my new boots! You... you can't be nickin' 'em already!

Hella: ::laughing a little:: Don't be silly. You can't sleep with your boots on. You don't want to scuff the shiny new toes, do you? oO He's drunk so that will make perfect sense to him. Oo Come on now, behave. You'll thank me for this in the morning.

:: Straddling the calf of his leg, she turned her back to him and tugged at the heel of his boot, but it wouldn't budge.::

Hella: ::glancing over her shoulder at him:: You could help, you know? I'll hold on tight to your heel and you push my back side with your other foot.

::He followed instructions, but Hella ended up prone on the other side of the room, she looked up at him. Brushing back the hair that had fallen over her face, she gave him a dirty look.::

Hella: Dammit Drystan, I said PUSH not SHOVE!

::Getting up off the floor, she returned to him, realizing he had passed out. She sighed, then took on the task of making him more comfortable. Successfully managing to remove his boots and socks, then his pants and shirt, she maneuvered him to the center of the bed, and covered the skivvy clad Marine to the waist. Taking a moment to catch her breath she sat down on the bed next to him.::

::Gazing at his handsome face, she thought of how peaceful he looked. She loved the man, but it seemed her past actions toward him had been so distasteful, he couldn't reciprocate those feelings. Laying her hand on his bare chest, it move to the rhythm of the steady motion of his breaths.::

::Quietly, tears misting her eyes, she spoke to him while he slept.::

Hella: I wish I could make you forgive me, but I can't, but then, you can't stop me from loving you either.

TBC JP by....

PNPC 1st Lt. Drystan Myers

Demolitions Expert

SMFC Detachment

USS Challenger

Played by Major Heath West


PNPC 1st Lt. Hella

Shadow's Platoon Leader


USS Challenger

Played by LtCmdr Toni Turner

Edited by Karynn Ehlanii (aka Elisa)
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