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  1. ((Mountain Lodge, Echevar - Day 2)) ::Ren Rennyn was on a desperate mission. A gauntlet had been thrown, a challenge set, an obstacle placed in his way that he was determined to overcome. But he couldn’t do it on his own.:: ::Only Antero Flynn could save him now.:: ::The Trill launched through the lodge, every fiber of him bent on finding the Risian man who was his only hope. He scanned each room, looking for that familiar face. He went outside, and tried hurriedly to spot him. As if he would be outside in the cold! Ren went to check by the warm roaring fireplace. He searched everywhere, until
  2. ((Corridor, USS Columbia)) ::Strolling down the corridor, Chelsea wondered just what had brought her to this area. It was just that sense of wandering, she supposed, that struck from time to time. They’d be off again soon, on some new and challenging mission, and she’d be up to her neck in responsibility – especially since she’d made Petty Officer. Yeah, that was nice. She wasn’t sure she was ready, exactly, but the earful she’d get from her mom kept Chelsea from doing anything stupid.:: ::Maybe that’s what had her chomping at the bit. This was a newer area of the ship for her; she rarely
  3. Enjoying my new ship

  4. Currently heading to a Command Conference on Earth

  5. Hello, I hope my sim was ok.

  6. Currently Marrying Ethan Brice

  7. Aww I missed your birthday... Happy Birthday for then aaaand Happy Saturday for now!

  8. Whew.... I was afraid I had missed the deadline (it used to be the 31st or so of the first month which left the second for judging). Looks like I have a few weeks to actually get my story done. I've got a good idea, and I even wrote a song to go with it, but I've had problems finding the time to execute it.
  9. Currently in a Meeting finding out about the Hobus Star

  10. Thanks for being such a great FO! :)

  11. Hey, happy birthday you! :)

  12. ((USS Achilles - Bridge)) Thetis: If you'd like, I can certainly address the problem myself if the Independence were to drop her shields. Thelev: Thank you but no, Tess. I remember your 'solutions' well enough. Relay the information to Commander Whale, we already have security teams en route to the Indy. ::A puzzled look crossed her face.:: Thetis: I'm not sure what you mean about 'my solutions,' Commander. I fail to see the utility in possibly losing valuable personnel and allowing damage to important machinery when other methods present themselves. Isn't a Commanding Officer's duty first and
  13. Currently reeling as she realizes how many lives were lost while she was in command of the ship...

  14. Just so you know, Boby - it was my understanding that the moderator always had the option to see who voted for what and make the call if people were stuffing the ballots.
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