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[Round 5] Divorce and Diplomacy

Julia Harden

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Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone: Divorce and Diplomacy

(First Officer's Office - Starbase 118))

:: Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone, having thoroughly relaxed herself, made a short appearance on the Command Hub and then went to her office. There, a pile of PADDs awaited her. Grabbing a cup of Ambrosia tea, Cura set to work on them. After a few hours, she called for the JAG office and spoke with an attorney about divorcing Cmdr John E Stone.::

Lt. Cmdr Hayes: =/\= Cmdr Stone, are you sure you want to take this course of action? =/\=

Stone =/\= I'm sure. Now how soon can the papers be drawn up for my signatures =/\=

Hayes: =/\= Soon. ::pausing and sighing.:: Believe me, Cmdr Stone, I understand your reasoning for this move, but -

Stone: =/\= No buts! Get those papers to me, let me sign them and then you expidite them through the system. How long does it take to be finalized? =/\=

Hayes: =/\= Forgive me, Cmdr Stone, but is there a rush? =/\=

Stone: =/\= YES! Just because my husband is MIA, doesn't mean I have to wait longer for our divorce! If anything, this should be simple and quick. =/\=

Hayes: =/\= Right. No problem, Cmdr Stone. I will get the papers to you within the next few hours. I'll make sure they are delivered to the appropriate people for finalization. Yet, I will say, I'm not a fan of such =/\=

Stone: =/\= Nor am I, Lt. Cmdr Hayes. I'm not happy with having to do this, but this is a loose end that must be taken care of now. And I would appreciate you keeping this quiet. Stone out. =/\=

:: Turning from her computer screen, Cura was about to get up on her feet when her computer beeped at her again. Thinking it was Lt. Cmdr Hayes, she grumbled and turned to it, allowing the communication to flash up on the view screen.::

Hochnasighosen: =/\=Baron Heinrich Von Hochnasighosen to Commander Assanti Stone=/\=

Stone: Looking at the viewscreen, Cura's eyes widened in surprise. She had heard that the Baron was on the station, but she had not met him as of yet. =/\= Baron, I am Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone. How might assist you =/\=

Hochansighosen: ::formally:: =/\=I would like to request a meeting with you as soon as possible.=/\ =

:: A meeting Cura glanced away and then back to the view screen. Cura recalled a PADD she had read about Lt Sharee having been the Baron's contact. Surely with Lt. Sharee away on a mission, she could no longer be his contact person. Cura would have to fill in here. It was her job. However, she was booked solid with meetings with heads of departments on the station, not just for reports, but for other reasons. Not to mention the list of dignitaries that had requested a dialogue with the Captain. And the Captain had delegated those diplomatic duties to her. Since his promotion, which had only been a few odd days ago, Cura had found herself much busier woman.::

Stone: =/\= Ah...well. Baron, I must be honest with you. I'm very busy at the moment. I have a great deal of meetings with other people. This comes so suddenly. Perhaps, I could meet with you in a day or two =/\=

Hochnasighosen: =/\=No, I must meet with you. It is of the utmost importance.= /\=

Stone: :: knowing how important the Baron's family was to the Federation, Cura felt pushed for diplomatic reasons to give in.:: =/\= Very Well, Baron. ::glancing at her schedule.:: It will force me to juggle a few meetings around, but I feel I can meet you in an hour. How does that strike you, Baron =/\=

Baron: response

Stone: =/\= Very well, why don't you pick the place then. =/\=

Baron: response

Stone: =/\= ::smiling:: I'll be there, Baron. I will try not to be late, but I hope you do forgive me if I do =/\=

Baron: response

Stone: =/\= See you then, Baron. =/\=

:: Cura knew that if she was meeting with the Baron, that she'd have to change her attaire. She gave herself some time to prepare and dress into dress whites.::

:: Departing her office, Cura checked on things in the Commander Hub and then left for her crew quarters to get dressed into the penguin suit.::


Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone

First Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

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