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[Round 4] Quiet Moments

Admiral Hollis

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((Clack's Quarter's))

::Darius rested comfortably in his good chair amidst the smokey

dark room. It was the first time he had visited his quarters since

the ship return from its accidental plunge through space. With his

eyes shut, he listen to the sound of the ship's engines as they sang

their lullaby for all that could hear and comprehend its language.

He heard several crewmen as they make their way out of the turbolift

situated at the end of the corridor. Two of them sounded to be in the

middle of an argument concerning something that occurred during


Chen: =/\= Chen to Lt. Clack. =/\=

::Reaching over with his bad hand, he fumbled with his COMM badge.

Steadying himself, he activated it with his arthritic fingers. It was

miserable to suffer with such a debilitating condition and yet be so


Clack: =/\= What can I do for you commander. =/\=

Chen: =/\= Hello, Lt. Just a quick thing about tomorrow. I would like

for you to be in the beam down slot after Dr. Calhan's group. I am

assigning you with repair and restoration of the colony's power

station. =/\=

Clack: =/\= We will be there at 1000 hours tomorrow. Can we expect

any help from the natives on this one? =/\=

Chen: =/\= There will be a representative there at the beam down point

that will coordinate with you on the repair efforts. =/\=

::This was excellent news to Clack. Restoration of the entire power

system will be a difficult task given all the reports he had read concerning

its present condition. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.::

Clack: =/\= Any additional help will be appreciated. Everything is set. =/\=

Chen: =/\= Good, I will see you and your team in Transporter Room one

tomorrow morning then. =/\=

Clack: =/\= Goodnight commander. =/\=

Chen: =/\= Goodnight. =/\=

::Closing the link to Chen, Darius took another drink from his glass.

Looking down at his empty glass, he thought the situation strange.

The liquor always seemed to vanish just as quickly as he could replicate

it. Upon rising from the chair, he found his legs to be very unsteady as he

made his way over to the replicator.::

Clack: =/\=Clack to Ensign Sharkey=/\=

Sharkey: =/\=Sharkey=/\=

Clack: =/\=Ensign, please report to me in Transporter Room one 1000

hours tomorrow. You will accompany me, along with Sweeney and

Morningstar to the planet's surface.=/\=

Sharkey: =/\= Yes sir but … =/\=

Clack: =/\= Is there a problem? =/\=

Sharkey: =/\=No sir, it is just in the original plan Jenkins …=/\=

Clack: =/\= Plans have changed. =/\=

Sharkey: =/\= Yes sir. =/\=

Clack: =/\= Tomorrow morning 1000 hours.=/\=

::The link closed as Darius took the newly replicated container of 20th

century Canadian Whiskey from the counter. Clack didn't really feel

comfortable taking the young woman along on the mission considering

she had just recently been assigned to the ship. Wayne Jenkins was

still recovering from a sever concussion and could serve the ship in a

better capacity in the engine room. Pouring himself another glass of

whiskey from the fresh container, he settled back into his chair and

proceeded to notify the others of their appointed meeting the next day.

Once the others were informed, he poured himself another drink and

waited in his chair quietly for the dawn.::

Lt Darius Clack



Edited by Admiral Hollis
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This is a good SIM. In it we get to see a bit of Clack's internal thoughts. I'm intrigued enough to want to find out what is medically wrong with him. There are a few tense-issues in the first paragraph that make it hard to get into but the rest is a nice, solid SIM. I like how you point out that a task as simple as tapping a com-badge can be difficult for Clack in his condition. Nice job.

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