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[2007: SEP-OCT] Sugar, Spice, Grit and Steel


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Sugar, Spice, Grit and Steel

By Toni Turner

The Woman

Slight impressions of footprints in the snow were the defining compass marking Amitola's morning path to the meadow, where she mused the nature of life, and cherished her surroundings. She had a sprightliness about her, an expressive child-like energy that complimented her willowy frame. Her fragile features, surrounded by beautiful ringlets, were filled with the timeless grace of an immortal. And when she spoke, a medley of soothing sounds, reassuring and gently calming, flooded forth.

Each day brought a new adventure to her kindly soul, and one she met eagerly with a smile. She was a woman so pleasant, that even nature found her pleasing, and strew its best bounty before her feet during all seasons. She could sit among the wild flowers, find pleasure in the delicate butterfly, and savor the gentleness of the breeze. The pond that caressed her skin as she bathed, reflected her face with favor, and the birds' serenade was of the lovely maiden, whose name meant rainbow.

From the top of the knoll, Amitola surveyed all that was good and wonderful from the valley below to the heights of the far mountains. She breathed in the smell of the grasses peeping through the snow, and tasted the warmth of the sunbeams that brushed across her face. Lifting her chin, she closed her eyes and basked in happiness, unaware of the distant quaked of thunder that threatened to disturb her solitude.

The Man

He walked deliberately across the snow, strong and unfaltering in his intent. The planet would be his, and he was reconciled, having conquered the mighty mountain, that the meadow to would fall within his grip.

His eyes, keen as those of an Eagle, spied the slight impressions, and mused what matter of creature would have such a soft touch. He had navigated across the galactic barrier's to come to this place, but these imprints were unexpected, and indicated a humanoid a size much smaller than himself. The intriguing trail beckoned his curiosity, and when he reached the meadow’s edge, he studied the creature from the shadows of the statues that encircled it, and when he had devised a plan to entrap her, he approached.

The Seduction

Amitola had no fear of him, and silently welcomed him to the meadow as she had done so many times with other strange creatures. He seemed suspicious of her wordless expressions, but she calmed him, caressing his cheek with the lovely rose so he would come to know its velvety petals, and held a Butter Cup beneath her chin to show him the warmth of its buttery glow. She summoned the birds to serenade him, and splashed him with the soothing waters of the pond.

His eyes drank in the pastel hues that glistened softly across her features and caressed her angelic vision. He knew he could never tame the purity of her spirit, but he could not resist her beauty, and wanted to possess her to experience the sweetness of her love. Reaching out to take her in his arms, she turned shyly away, not wanting the creature to gaze upon her face any longer.

"Look at me," he demanded. "I want to see the pleasure in your eyes."

Her eyes narrowed, she had hoped that he would not be like the others. Disappointed, she whipped around, giving him a cold steely stare, a brazen act of defiance. She screeched, "If you want me, truly want me, then you must see me as I am." With a movement, swift and sure, she jerked the mask from her face.

He froze in horror.

The Conclusion

Slight impressions of footprints in the snow were the defining compass marking Amitola's morning path to where she had placed her newest statue to stand as a silent sentinel to the meadow. Her beautiful ringlets of serpents slithered and hissed around her face as she stood before it, gazing at the cold stone creature. She whispered into the breeze, "He wanted sweetness and spice of my youth, but in his lust, he found my grit and steel. "

Edited by Toni
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