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[2007: MAY-JUN] Writing Challenge Rules & Topic

Rocar Drawoh

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Guidelines: To participate, create a new thread. The subject of the thread must be the title of your story. If it is a Work In Progress, denote that with the heart post icon. If your work is complete, use the horizontal arrow post icon. Items not marked with an icon or marked with the WiP icon will not be considered for judging and will be moved to the "Character Cafe" forum at the end of the contest.

Your work must be entirely your own. No co-authoring.

You are welcome to create any character you so desire, but they must be from the Star Trek universe. No "canon" characters allowed. (i.e.- No one who has been on a show.)

Challenge: This month’s theme is "Tears" ; this might be the expression of grief or sorrow; perhaps uncontrollable, perhaps unexpected. Most mammals will produce tears in response to extreme pain but crying as an emotional reaction is considered a uniquely human phenomenon, possibly due to advanced self-awareness. So what of other alien races? In nearly all cultures, crying is seen as a specific act associated with tears trickling down the cheeks and accompanied by characteristic sobbing sounds. Emotional triggers are most often anger and grief, but crying can also be triggered by sadness, joy, fear, humor, frustration, or other strongly-experienced emotions. “Tears of joy” or “crocodile tears” ~what do these droplets of emotion that run down our cheeks signify to us and others? (Topic chosen by last month’s winner, Toni Turner.)

Length: No more than 3000 words accepted.

Beginning Date: Sat. May 5th

Ending Date: Sat. June 9th

See Also: the Writing Challenge Website.

Good Luck!

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Deadline extended until Saturday, June 23rd.

Also, this round's critiques will be posted directly into this forum to help speed-up the process. I can't guarantee it's going to work well, or that all the comments will get out there, but we're going to give it a try.

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Congratulations to Lily Ventu, now a 3x winner of the Writing Challenge, for her story "Kelly's Wish"! The final review should be coming from our last judge within the next day or two.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this round -- our next round is coming up in just a few days!

Edit: Banners are up.

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