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[2006: SEP-OCT] the door opened into itself

Clase Drene

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::Bright intelligent mirrors talked to you, stared at you and one another as well. The cosmic mystic spoke first in a bending and broken form of thought patterns leaving others questioning the symbiont that was starting to over power her.::

xoette: Your relative perspectives are in need of focused attention.

h92o: Why do you think that is important?

xoette: It is important everything is important here.

h92o: Not if you think it isn't.

xoette: You know even things of that nature are of special importance when you come to them again.

h92o: Your lies are only to deceive your selves with not us or even the one that opened the door to our world.

xoet: Be kind h92o. ::looking up from the holo-monitor feeds::

xoette: xoet you can shut that door anytime now if you want!!

xoet: This is far more interesting then the rest of the planet here. They call themselves Ice Nine yet they are liquid.

h92o: You have thought that there was nothing here. You were right, yet we are now, then and until, inside the point solition of salitional dismal spirals that are inside of that.

xoet: There are not enough meanings to your riddles Ice Nine. Still there are too many to know exactly what is meant.

:: There was a rumbling within the tides of the mountain top lakes like chills of thrills in the tundra and ice. The liquid Ice Nine had shifted itselves into another form one more easily exploitable to the field variations that xoet was modulating in aphasic patterns derived from the natural rhythms of time. ::

xoet: I need more time yes if that is what you are trying to say.

h92o: What I say and what you think that it means worry me sometimes but not as of usual instances inside of the frame of reference that there is in this.

::There was little that 12 knew of these frames of reference and trying to create life from the time equations that permeated the ebb and flow of life on this planet was beginning to anger 12. Until then there was a solution to the problem of time-space pattern recognition just there was only the slightest changes that 12 could make for things to be effective within the bounds of said time-space patterns. ::

xoette: Where did ice nine go?

xoet: He did not go anywhere that is just the problem that we are concerned with.

::Xoet noticed in the abyss of the infinite variations there were endless realities forming from one another then dissolving together more or less solving each others problems in perfect progressions of time space and non-space where the non-real and real become balanced into the dimensions of life and existences themselves. For the monitors had been unraveling thread by thread stitch by stitch into the dimensionalities of absolute zero psychodynamics. The superconductor manifolds folded into themselves effortlessly. Twelve had set the systems on what might be considered autopilot but there was something else there as well it was liquid ice in a nine like formation. Now everyone knew that there was the newest new things seen within and out of this time space reference dynamics. ::

xoet: What do the reading say?

xoette: I am getting no reading at all. Nothing at all.

h92o: I was just manifesting myself into both of you at the same time. Sorry for the confusion.

xoet: Not a problem just let us know first, ok?

xoette: where were we exactly? Before this happened?

xoet: I really don't thing it matters do you?

xoette: Like I said earlier---It is important everything is important here.

h92o: I will be kind this time only draw a line not a lie and remain steady to the course you are on for you are the only one on that (of) course.

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