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Top Ten Villainous Moments in Star Trek!

Kwame Alexander

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Everyone can name top ten villians on Star Trek with little variation, but what acts commited by those villians exhibt true evil?

Here is my top ten:

10.TNG: Troi's mind rape by Jev

9.ENT: The destruction of Florida by the Xindi

8.VOY: Captain Ranson of the USS Equinox steals Voyagers Field Generator and leaves them stranded and at the mercy of Aliens

7.TOS: David Marcus, Kirks only son is killed by Krug, a Klingon, who is in search of the secret of the Genesis Device

6.TNG: Shinzon masscure of the Romulan Senate

5.TNG: The Borg obliteration of the entire fleet at wolf 359

4.DS9: The massacure and destruction by the Founders of Cardassia at the end of the war between starfleet and the Founders

3.DS9: The murder of Jadzia Dax by the Pah-wraith via Dukat

2.TNG: The murder of Tasha Yar by Armus

1.TOS: One word: Khan

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One word popped into my head when I saw this forum..to quote James T. Kirk..ahem..


There was never a more cunning and ruthless villain in all the history of Trek.

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Bringing back a TV bad-guy has never been done since, but I think that whoever made the decision to drop Chekov on Ceti Alpha V was a genius. And it worked out so well, so tie the movies to the series, and to give us the best bad-guy ever.

And they were even his own pecs! How awesome is that?

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Here is my favorite moments...

1) Khan's death throw "From Hell's heart I stab at thee" one of my favorite villians

2) Next would have to be General Chang and his Shakespherian references

3) Deep Space Nine The Way of the Warrior that showed the old fashioned Everything hating klingons that I so love.

4)Picards interogation by the hands of the cardassians. Every ime I see that I get chills up my spine

5) TOS Day of the Dove, I always saw the Orgainians as villians forcing somebody to be peaceful is almost as bad as wipping them out. It removes a certain amount of self choice and to me that is truly villianous

6) Deep Space Nine... The Section 31 agent. I despised him. He was one of those guys who is evil but has good intentions

7) Shinzons massacare of the Romulan senate, While I hated Insurection I loved that moment.

8) The Regent stabbing the alternate univers Garek. Then the key is found... That is evil but funny

9) Armus killing Yar. What a waste of a talented officer and for no purpose

10) Anything and everything the Borg have ever done..

All of these choices are odd kind of like me...

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