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Ensign Solkon: 'The logical next steps'

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I'm loving @Solkon's sims—Vulcan's are such a fun species, and in this sim we immediately get a huge taste of it from Solkon's perspective. The pacing back and forth, the logical confidence in putting forward his thoughts, opinions and ideas. I'm excited to see where they take it. Wonderful stuff!

Ensign Solkon: 'The logical next steps' (google.com)



((Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Gorkon))


Taeval took his time in answering Solkon’s question. Solkon waited patiently for the answer, aware that he had put the Romulan ‘on the spot’ as humans often said when referring to one who has been asked a difficult question with no easy answer. The Romulan smiled again, and again it made Solkon feel a slight sense of unease. Solkon hoped he would not take any offence in being asked the question. Solkon would have worded it the same way regardless of who he had met in sickbay.


Nera: Well, ::he paused for a moment,:: I think we’re all wondering what our chances are.


The Bajoran was either trying to break the perceived tension, or was trying to coax Taeval into answering. Either way, it gave Solkon a moment to centre himself.


Taeval: The honest answer is: I don’t know. ::He spoke mildly, lifting his shoulders in a small shrug.:: It’s a crew who has escaped alternate universes and stopped rogue planets from destroying solar systems. I would say if there is a way, they’ll find it.


It was not a wholly reassuring answer, in Solkon’s opinion, but it was, at least an answer. The crew had Taeval’s confidence, it seemed. Solkon would need to make his own assessment if he was ever introduced to the senior staff. Given his role and the situation they found themselves in, he doubted that would be any time soon.


Nera: One question about the crew. Well, senior staff specifically ::looking at Taeval:: You said we had an acting chief? Will they be assuming the role full time?


Taeval: I’m afraid I have even less insight into the mysteries of Starfleet’s personnel assignments than I do our odds.


Solkon raised an eyebrow after hearing Taeval’s answer. He suspected the Romulan was engaging in one of the favoured pastimes of his people and being somewhat…economical with the truth. Either that, or he was being brutally honest. Which was practically unheard of amongst Romulans, or at least as far as Solkon had been taught about them.


Solkon: I see. How unfortunate.


He suspected Taeval would pick up Solkon’s disbelieving tone, but then again, that had been his intention.


Nera: I’ve been thinking about our supply situation, ::he glanced from Solkon to Taeval,:: we’re stocked at the moment, but replicators and careful use will only get us so far. What about more traditional medicines? We’ve got access to hydroponics and an arboretum.


The Bajoran smiled, offering them a slight shrug before he continued. Perhaps trying to preempt any strident disagreement by signalling he was not wedded to the idea. He certainly seemed the amiable sort, making himself easy to get along with.


Nera: If we can treat the more minor ailments with things we can grow ourselves, we can save our stores for the more serious cases.


Taeval: It’s worth asking for some space, but we’d have to do our research and be utilitarian about it. Traditional medicines often have limited cross-species effectiveness. ::He offered Nera his worn smile.:: But as they say, every little helps.


Solkon: I do have recipes for several calming teas. But I cannot speak for their effectiveness amongst non Vulcans. As to utilising the hydroponics bays or the arboretum, that would need to be discussed with the sciences division, assuming we could find the necessary ingredients. But logically, I would imagine that space would be prioritised for growing food in the event of a replicator failure without hope of repair.


Nera: Response


Taeval: We could ask people to donate, while everyone’s healthy. Blood products could be hard to source if we’re in this reality for an extended time. Our stasis storage has an independent power source, so storing them safely is one less thing to worry about.


Solkon: We should encourage any crew with rare or especially common blood types to come forward to donate. 


Nera: Response


It was good to prepare their stocks and supplies, but it was equally important to prepare their people. Especially when two of the doctors were new, and they had yet to all work together. The midst of a crisis was the worst time to discover one another’s professional—or personal—quirks and foibles.   


Taeval: We might want to run some exercises in the holodecks, while we still have access to them. Emergency incidents, mass casualty scenarios, that kind of thing.


Solkon: ::he nods in agreement:: We should indeed, whilst we still have time. It is logical to prepare for all eventualities, especially given the current circumstances.


Nera: Response


Solkon walked over to one of the computers and began browsing through the list of personnel onboard the Gorkon. Any one of these people’s lives could be in his hands. It was a thought that may have filled a member of another species with fear. But Solkon merely continued browsing through. Fear was an emotional response. One he had been able to control for most of his life.


Solkon: It may also be prudent, whilst we have time, to bring forward any standard medical examinations of crew that were due in the next few months whilst we still have the capability. That way if any have developed any medical issues they are unaware of we can begin any necessary treatment before it may become too difficult.


Taeval/Nera: Response


Solkon logged off the computer screen and stood back up to his full height, thinking of anything else that should be done whilst the ship was out of danger.


Solkon: We should probably also check in with the Ship’s Counselor, in case they have anyone they feel needs referred for medical treatment or examination. No doubt the Counselor’s office will be busy in a time such as this.


Taeval/Nera: Response


He began to pace back and forwards across the room, deep in thought. Then another thought, one much more unpleasant to think about, came into his mind, and he stopped abruptly.


Solkon: Does the Gorkon’s computer still have access to the archives, or was that information lost when the timeline was reset? There is an outside chance that we may need to remove Borg cybernetics for any crew unlucky to be even briefly assimilated. I believe Doctor Crusher on the USS Enterprise-D was the first Starfleet officer to successfully remove Borg cybernetics from a previously assimilated individual. We should search the archives for any notes she may have left on the subject, or perhaps any other insights from other Borg encounters recorded by Starfleet over the ensuing years.


Taval/Nera: Response


He thought briefly of the USS Voyager, but then remembered, if his memory was accurate, that they had been forced to utilise an Emergency Medical Hologram during their encounters with the Borg in the Delta Quadrant. He doubted an EMH would have left detailed notes, given it was a computer program and not an actual living, breathing Doctor.


Either way, the medical team had a lot of work ahead of them. Luckily for Solkon, Vulcans could go without sleep for up to two weeks in extreme situations.


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