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Administrator Zeda Cass - Raising Your Voice

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Inspiring stuff from @Evan Ross’ MSNPC.

((Outside the Headquarter, Central Biodome, Miri 4a))
Her patience was running thin. Waiting for the Commodore and his counselor to meet her outside, Zeda could not help but shuffle from one foot to the other - and when she turned around, she finally saw them approaching. 
Cass: It is good to see you. We should waste no time.

Darius: Administrator, I am Counselor Eliana Darius, I am here to help in any way that I can. 
Zeda tilted her head in recognition.

Cass: Greetings. I appreciate your willingness to support our means. This is not the usual working environment for a counselor. 

Taybrim: I trust counselor Darius will assist in de-escalation and helping keep everyone safe.

He said in a deep, reassuring tone. Zeda nodded. She would not question the Commodore's choices regarding personnel. 

Darius: I must ask, are there any objections to my use of telepathy? It can help me to difuse the situation, if I know exactly what I am working with. Sometimes words are not the true reflection of what is being felt in these situations. I will only read what is required and no one will get hurt. 

Zeda appreciated the young Officer's thoughtfulness. The sentiment was evident in her smile, even though it was short-lived. 

Cass: A very mindful question. As my citizens come from various different backgrounds and planets, it is crucial to bear in mind how differently they react and feel about telepathy. It should be our last resort - however, given the drastic situation, you have my permission. 
Despite the turmoils she still trusted the Starfleet officer to be capable of using her skills considerately. 

Taybrim: Yes, the colony has a quite cosmopolitan make up of species.

Darius: I understand completely. 

He turned towards Zeda.

Taybrim: They’re not mobbing here – where do you think we should go?

Cass: The center of conflict is the main city of Biodome 2B. But my sources state that the situation is overrun by aggressive plants, and security personnel is taking control. I do not think we should head directly into battle, let alone join the armed conflict. 
She wasn't a military leader. She had been voted by a diplomatic counsel, merely overseeing armed action. Zeda liked it to stay that way. 
Darius: ?

Holding his hands up, Taybrim was not visibly armed.

Taybrim: We use words, if at all possible.  But we have reports that the plants are mobile and we may need to defend ourselves.

She nodded. 
Cass: While we were preparing, the protests have sparked into the Central Biodome - the one we are currently standing in. I think this is a crucial moment to intervene and to talk to the people, spreading the word among all domes. 
She glanced at her companions and gave a determined nod. 
Darius: ?

They moved at a brisk pace, turning into a common area where a mob of people were gathered around a colony build where smoke was pouring out.  There was no organized rescue effort and most of the mob was panicking.  Some of them were being restrained, wailing and stomping on the ground as if they were toddlers throwing an out-of-control temper tantrum – but they were adults and they looked like they were affected by some sort of psychotropic.  

The plant.

And that’s when they realized that there were people still stuck in the building.  A building that almost certainly had a growing fire within.

Taybrim: Over there… there’s people trapped in that building.
Zeda's heartbeat was rushing as she came to a stop. This looked nothing like her beloved city center - normally, people were walking around the markets, sitting and eating in the streets, enjoying the perfectly balanced artifical weather: right now, it was a raging chaos. 
Cass: ::turning towards her security personnel:: This building needs to be evacuated. ::her eyes narrowed as they hesitated to leave her behind - :: Now! 
A few officers rushed towards the scene of chaos, while two stayed behind with them. Zeda clenched her hands and stared at the grusesome scenes in front of them. As of yet, nobody had seemed to notice them. 
Cass: What is happening to them? What are they feeling?
She turned towards the Counselor, hoping she was able to pick up the emotions of the affected.

Darius: ?

Taybrim: It’s likely a considerable portion of people in the area are affected by the plant – even if they effects are mild and they’re not violent, they’re disorganized and impaired.

As if they were on drugs, it had caused the organization of an already panicked population to fall completely apart.

Cass: They must make way for the security teams. The people must get out safely. 
Darius: ?

Taybrim: It’s your call administrator.
Zeda threw Taybrim a glance. There was a silent exchange, one of insecurity against commitment - it was time to overcome her fear. She turned towards Officer Darius.
Cass: Counselor, is there a way you can reinforce my words, or calm people down to an extent where they might listen to me?
Darius: ? 
She bowed her head lightly. 
Cass: Any help is appreciated. 
She turned around, looking out for a prominent position - without further ado, Zeda approached the scene of chaos and climbed on top of a collapsed market stand. Smoke and a biting smell were emerging from the building in front of her as she raised her arms and voice. They were running out of time.
Cass: People of Miri 4a! Please listen to me. 
Only a few heads were turning around towards her. The affected people still didn't seem to notice anything going on around them. Cass threw a glance at Counselor Darius, hoping she could support her as she continued. 
Taybrim/Darius: ? 
Cass: Miri 4a is facing troubling times. I understand that fear, confusion and anger are taking hold of your hearts. I feel the same. But I need you to remember where we come from. 
She paused and took a deep breath. 
Cass: This colony was built on a hostile surface. This moon offered nothing, and look what you made from it! ::she gestured around them:: You've invested hard work and so much love in this world, and those are the foundation and the soil we walk on today. I need you to remember that. This colony was build by a community and we need to defend and preserve it as one. Starfleet arrived here as a friend, but it is still us who need to rise and stand our place. 
Taybrim/Darius: ? 
Zeda gazed around the chaotic street as she extended her hand towards the building.
Cass: Please, take a deep breath and focus! Brothers and sisters of ours are trapped inside this building, and they need our help! I know some of you are feeling unwell, and from those of you I only request to remember who and what you love in this colony. Remember the good days. Make way for security. ::she was hoping that the delirious state might increase positive emotions as well, not only negative ones:: Remember your friends, your family! Everyone else - whoever feels able to, please support our officers. Bring water. Evacuate the building. Biodome 2B is facing serious trouble. The citizens are in need of food and we need people who support the deliveries. Talk to your local authorities, remember what we are fighting for! 
She gazed around the street, hoping for some response. 
Taybrim/Darius: ? 
Administrator Zeda Cass
Head of Colony Miri IVa 
as simmed by

Lieutenant JG Evan Ross
Intelligence Officer
StarBase 118 Ops
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Posted (edited)

Being leader of a colony is fun until they go rampage 😅

Thanks for the shoutout :)

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