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Ensign Tully - Bridge Progress

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We all know how hard it is to come into a chunky scene and @Amanda Tully comes in with a strong entry for a new player in what has been a very busy, fast paced mission!



((Main Bridge, Deck3, USS Ronin))

Raga: Time to find out what Tuck has up his sleeve. Commander Carpenter, you have the bridge until I get back. 

Amanda Tully would look up from her station and peered over at the seet as Commander Carpenter sat down, the sense of power one object could portray truly left an aura around it.

Carpenter/Lorana: Response 

O’Connor: Commander, I think there may be something else there. I mean besides Wrath’s ship and a possible hidden base on one of the asteroids. ::pulls up view on main screen:: Over here, near the smaller cluster. There is a minute concentration of tachyon particles.::zooms and highlights area::  I thought something may have just passed through them. Something glitched in the probe feed. Might be another cloaked ship but seemed pretty small…and I don’t think the object moved but that the tachyons shifted instead. Maybe cloaked mines? Luxa, can you confirm that I just saw what I think I saw?

Lorana: You're right. I'm seeing a series of the same readings. It's like a field of them. Definitely adds weight to your cloaked mines theory. 

Carpenter: Any heat? Gravimetric readings? 

Tully: It appears so, Sir. They're very undistinguished unless we were looking. 

Tully sat there not knowing if she truly did what was asked of her, this was her first time sitting in the command centre of a starfleet vessel. She felt an imposter and she was clueless, she knew she had a duty and fulfilled it to her best ability but remained cautious of all her actions.

O’Connor: Well that adds another wrinkle, but it could make sense if the Consortium is working with the Lattice Alliance.

Carpenter: This doesn't change the plan, though. 

Tully: In the current state our ship is in, we need to avoid these mines at all cost. Our ship will not be able to sustain the damage.

O’Connor: If the whole place is mined, I’m betting all my approach routes are now garbage. Any ideas on way we can detect them before we get into the system?

Lorana: Yes, you already did :: smiles :: We just need to scan for elevated tachyon readings and we have a mine. Good work Lieutenant. Making my job easy. 

Carpenter: An' knowing they are there makes them easier to take out eventually. Good work. ::she turns her eyes around.:: All of you. Now we just need to keep it up. 

Tully: Yes, Sir.

Amanda felt as though she had made the current additions to the crew suggestions especially with keeping Command informed..

Lorana: Commander, as well as the transmission from Lieutenant Vailani. There is more. The initial signal that she sent was more like the front door. Almost like a backwards hack? Once I acknowledged it, I was able to follow the transmission. It looks like it's coming from a transponder, I'm not sure but I think it's been adapted from a power coupling and the console relay switch.

Carpenter: So, it's active? Right this instant?

Lorana: Yes, sorry I got carried away. If I then open it up, it contains a live stream. A constant thread of information. A broadcast even. It might take me a while to clean it up. 

Carpenter: Yes! Tremendous work! Keep ahold of it!

O'Connor: Great job, Luxa.

Tully: Sir, my thought is that- ::breaking off mid sentence::

Just like before Tully did not have the confidence to speak over anyone so allowed herself to be spoken over.

Beck: =/\= Beck to Carpenter. You got a minute? =/\=

Carpenter: =/\= Somethin' on your mind, Doc? =/\=

Beck: =/\= I just wanted to see how you were feeling. Kel would never forgive me if I let you die from a brain bleed. =/\=

Carpenter: =/\= Okay just now. No weakness in the limbs or loss of vision. Do I need to come on down for another check up? =/\=

Beck: =/\= I trust you. Just… if you start feeling weird at all, notice any symptoms, you're under direct orders from the ship's CMO to contact me immediately. Okay? =/\=

She scoffed slightly, hoping it didn't sound as rude as it felt. She understood, even appreciated Beck's concern. Not a lot of people in her life would have even done that. But if he thought she was leaving this Bridge with breath in her chest, he was crazier than she was...

Carpenter: =/\= I'll do my best, Doctor. I...Thank you, Quentin. I'll be in touch. =/\=

Beck: =/\= Okay. Beck out. =/\=


As the line cut, a new, tinny sound started to echo through Luxa Lorana's terminal. Ian was still turned around and saw Carpenter whirl toward her from the front of the center chair. Static and aural interference crackled through the line, but the ghosts of voices and noises on the other side of the static. Some of which Kirsty recognized, but one...one amongst them all sent arcing chills through her blood and skin.


"-fleet knowing where you are."*CRACK-bzzzzz-"perhaps that...what was it...."*ckckckckckck-ftttttttfffff-*"your bodies from the void." 



Carpenter: Lock it down. Now. ::she spares a quick look toward the Helm:: Keep us on pace, O'Connor. 


O'Connor: We’re steady. ::He looked at screen and pulled up repair progress:: Hold on a sec. We might be able to do better.


oO What is he thinking? Oo


Lorana: Response



Carpenter: How far out?


O'Connor: Still 3 ½ hours or so… but with the current repair updates I think I can reroute a bit more from inertial dampeners and a few other non-essential systems. We should be able to gain another .7 warp and cut maybe 20 minutes off hopefully without blowing out anything and having Tuck kill us.



Carpenter: Mister Lorana, iron out that signal, keep it open, and recording. I want as much evidence as possible to slam on the desk of some JAG jockey. As for you, Mister Tully...


Tully: Yes, Sir?


Carpenter: Wanna help me figure out how to blow up some cloaked tachyon mines? 


O’Connor: That would be very, very helpful. I’d kinda like to try to avoid ripping another hole in the hull.


Tully: I would be honoured Sir, where do you think we should start?


This brought a wave of excitement over Tully, she finally had the opportunity to use her skills to solve something and she finally got to work closely with a Commanding Officer.


Tully at her console had been configuring how they could locate these mines and detonate them securely. She understood that they could find a way to traverse them or use a method of detonation but they did not want to show unnecessary aggression even by mistake.


Tully: Sir, if you would like to detonate these mines I have a solution to do that securely. O'Connor is there anything with Helm you need me to be aware of?


O'Connor: Response


Carpenter/Lorana: Response


Tully: Yes Sir, I can get that sorted immediately.


Carpenter: Response


O'Connor/Lorana: Response




Ensign Amanda Tully

Engineering Officer

USS Ronin - NCC-34523




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