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Ensign Yinn: The Bolian Hello

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Our Bolian science officer making a Klingon blush!


>> (( Corridor, Deck 5, USS Octavia E Butler )) <<

Yinn had fantasized about spending the night with a Klingon since watching Dominion War holovids about Worf as a girl. So she really had no one to blame but herself for how sore she felt this morning. She lay in her cot in the lab for well over an hour, trying to convince herself that she'd be fine, before she finally broke down and limped over to sickbay. Miash was a pal, she'd be understanding.

>> (( Sickbay, Deck 5, USS Octavia E Butler )) <<

Miash: It’s not her fault, you should really be more careful about what you eat my dear. Most Bolian beverages are toxic to non-bolian species. (beat) I think you’re lucky, a lesser being would already be dead.

Bolian beverages? Had someone gotten into her stash of ferlic acid? Besides her and...

That Klingon. He was here, lying in the biobed. She knew her acidic bodily fluids meant romance wasn't in the cards with most species, but she had assumed Klingons were made of tougher stuff.

Loq: Very few things are toxic to Klingons. How was I to know?

Miash: =/\= Computer, cancel request for urgent medical doctor to sickbay. =/\=

Loq: Do I not need a doctor? Or am I past the point of needing a doctor?

Miash: I’m messing with you ensign, you’ll be fine.

Miash retreated to the replicator, “Treatment 157b-alpha, liquid form, 30 mL.” She returned with a vile of green liquid…

Miash: Here, drink this, it should help.

Loq: You!

Yinn tried her best to look innocent.

Yinn: So, ah... sorry about last night...

Loq glowered at her.

Yinn: I mean, I had a great time last night! Sorry about this morning! If it makes you feel any better, I'm also in a lot of pain right now.

Loq: That does make me feel better.

Was he trying to be funny? It was one of the first things that caught her attention in the science lab; Loq's sense of humor was so dry he was basically daring you to figure out if he was making a joke or not.

Miash: response

Yinn: I was hoping we could apply some doctor-patient confidentiality to my own intense discomfort. But are you sure it was something he drank and not just, uh... being with me? My body chemistry is an irritant to humans and a lot of other species. I figured Klingons would be less affected, but maybe he's more affected? Am I toxic to Klingons?

Loq: We did lose track of what we were drinking after a certain point.

Miash: response

Yinn: Is there any way to tell? Can you run some tests?

She looked at Loq quizzically, and then caught herself. If she wanted to see him again romantically, probably best not to start thinking of him as another science project.

Yinn: But, you know, give him the medicine first.

Loq: I am happy to lie here in agony while you satisfy your curiosity.

Miash: response

Yinn: Oh, poor you. I thought Klingons were supposed to be all stoic!

Loq: My injuries are not exactly from a glorious battle.

Yinn: I seem to remember you had a few moments of glory last night.

Loq looked like he was trying to sink into the biobed. Yinn remembered something she had read about Klingons. There was no way you were ever going to beat one in a fight, but if you could make a Klingon blush, they were helpless.

Miash: response


TBC / Tags!

Ensigns Yinn & Qurgh'Loq

Science Officer / Starfleet Diplomatic Corps

USS Octavia E Buttler NCC-82850

Writer ID.: O240011Y12


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