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The Incoming Storm - Struggles of the frontier

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(( The skies above Paoike Colony, Drever IV ))

Drever IV was a special place, a whole planet and only one area was populated. About a hundred souls who minded their own business, lived their lives and faced their struggles of the 'frontier'.

The peaceful tranquil Tara Ocean had also minded its own business as the sun shone down on it, the moisture has floated up into the air settling in in ever growing puffy clouds. Puffy clouds, happy to be alive and floating around this beautiful place began to explore the planet. There was so much to see. More oceans that made more puffy clouds, and soon it was a whole tourist group of clouds wandering the skies to see Drever.

But they were not the only group, as they passed the Hunir forest, named after a large animal only to be found there, they met another group, one that was were so touched by the beauty of the trees, that the droplets of water saved within were released, sprinkling the trees and Hunir below with salty water. As two groups began to mingle it might have gotten a little confusing which clouds belonged to which group so a few soaked heavy clouds were suddenly part of the great Drever tour, while the puffy clouds that had gotten lost in the kerfuffle now were hugging their cousins with no moisture to share.

The further the tour went the more difficult it became to move gracefully like a wonderful summer wisp in the air. No, it became heavy and the clouds were slower, losing their brightness. But they did not complain, they minded their own business, facing their struggles in the skies.

Just a little bit more, they knew they could do it. Nori Lake was lovely, it was warm and ... oh no there was more moisture, cheering and celebrating as it rose up to them mingling in between the clouds and convincing more of the moisture to celebrate and dance with them. Party in the clouds, hooray.

That party continued when our now mixed puffy but heavy group of clouds passed the Rani mountain range the bottom layer enjoyed the lovely weather below, soaking in more of the moisture that rose from the riverbed and soil between the trees, while the top layer shivered and jittered as the dry cold air of the mountains, that piled even higher than them, pressed from the top. That middle layer of clouds though, those were the real suffering clouds. Not sure if they were to freeze or to be warm they changed back and forth between both. And the party came to a stop when those little drops landed in the cold zone. It was too cold to dance.

Just as they passed the mountain a beautiful valley opened up before them. Forests with dark trees, thick and luscious below the weary wanderer in the sky. Glimpses of animals between the gaps were a lovely sight. Round structures not far from here, like natural colours earthen flowers in the green and wheat colour.

Heavy and sluggish the now large group of lethargic clouds rolled over the horizon, first drops of the moisture they had oh so strenuously clung to began to fall. No, not yet, they had to pass first. Just a little bit longer. Trembling clouds rumbled, like the grunt of a weight lifter when the bar was too heavy.

Another drop.. and another... And then...

The clouds couldn't hold on any more.

Drever IV was a special place, a whole planet and only one area was populated. About a hundred souls who minded their own business, lived their lives and faced their struggles of the 'frontier'.

And now they were drenched in the collection of waters from all over this special planet, that had been held onto by the brave souls... clouds in the sky that had lost all their strength to carry on. A loud thunder rolled through the valley, the CRACK of lightning as it came down to hit somewhere in the forest set an end to the peace - for a little while. And the party that had to be stopped before, hammered down onto the roofs, the ground, the structures and those outside in form of large frozen balls of water...

Adding to the struggles of the frontier.

The Incoming Storm

simmed by

Commodore Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Co-Facilitator

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