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Ensign Drex - Family reunion

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((Lora’s home - Kalus - Denobula)) 


((OOC: this sim takes place almost at the end of shore leave. I haven't put any tag but if someone wants to meet Drex's family, please feel free to jump in!))


If Drex had made his calculations right, the house would have been empty. His mother Lora had a lecture at the Science Academy and his half siblings had moved from the house years ago. He was the last one to abandon the nest, but since he was not married he did not really leave it after all.

He placed his right palm on the security panel near the main door. With a soft hiss the door unlocked itself. A sweet scent of flowers escaped from the inside, traveled through his nose and broke out into a nostalgic smile and a childhood memory of him and Ayra playing hide and seek with their mother.

If he had made his calculations right, he had the time to refresh himself and eat something before anyone would find out he had returned.

But "if" was wrong.

As the door opened he realized his calculations were based on totally false axioms.

Not only was his mother at home, he could hear her contagious laugh from the main living room on the right, but he could recognize at least six of the other members of his large family. 

Tara with her son Adrax and her daughters Alina and Riel, Tes and…wait! Was it Jorx the one who almost choked himself laughing? He surely was. 

Why were they all at home at that hour of the day? Instinctively Drex turned and raised his gaze to the sky towards the sun: it was definitely late in the morning.

As he watched the sun moving motionless in the sky he toyed with the idea of closing the door again, nullifying all his good intentions, inventing an emergency to return to the ring and blaming anyone of his superior officers for his absence.


oO They’ll never find out Oo


Surely they would not.


oO Oh… Yes. She will and… she will too. She knows you better than anyone else, you can’t lie to her. You did and she made you regret it.Oo


Drex: Ayra :: He murmured with a deep breath ::


oO And she, she will ask you about the ceremony. You can lie, she doesn't know how it really works, but are you ready for the consequences if she'll find out? You won’t lie to your section head officer. Oo


Drex: Oh... just shut up. :: He commented bothered ::


Ral: Always talking to your imaginary friend?


The deep voice of his half brother caught him completely off guard. Drex lowered his gaze from the sky to the taller Denobulan. He forced a smile, trying to hide his disappointment of being mocked once again.


Drex: Ain’t a friend. He's more of an annoying brother.


The other man had kept walking and was now face to face with the science officer. Ral was half a head taller than Drex, but of the same build. Since they both inherited their mother's coloring and curly hair, they could easily be mistaken for twins. And the few years difference had not yet left any wrinkles on Ral's face.


Ral: You miss me so much I’m one of your hallucinations now? :: He chuckled ::


Drex: Hallucination? :: He shook his head :: Not at all. My hallucinations are all beautiful and kind and gentle and useful. But… I can classify you as a nightmare if you really insist. :: The mouth curved into a wide, sincere smile. :: I’m glad to see you, Ral.


Ral returned the smile.


Ral: I’m glad you made it. Ayra was driving me crazy, she even insisted that I come to pick you up at whatever place you could be.


Ral reached out with his right hand for Drex’s bag as he rested his left hand on his shoulder.


Ral: Let’s get inside before you decide to run and hide on a Starfleet ship once again.


Drex: I did not hide. Why’s everyone here? You assured me they all had to work today.


Ral: Yeah, I did :: He nodded and gently pushed his brother inside ::


Drex took three steps backwards and with the forth he witnessed the door becoming the block of his only escape route.


Drex: So, what happened? :: He insisted ::


Ral: Mom is pregnant. She was keeping it a secret, until the marriage, but :: He shrugged :: she felt sick this morning while she was with Tara and you know how she is…


Drex: Tara loose tongue. :: He sighed :: 


The older Denobulan nodded.


Ral: You bet she is :: he laughed :: You’re better turned, our mother made some changes to the house and you risk tripping over something if you don't watch where you're going.


Drex was forced to leave his bag to his brother while turning to face the following two steps that would have placed him right in the center of the doorway of the living room.


An uncomfortable silence felt in the room. It lasted hours, or so it seemed to Drex. But he blinked his eyes only twice, before a voice he knew well and had missed too much shouted his name with joy.


Lora: Drex! You made it!


The woman rushed to her son and gave him a big hug resting her head on his chest for a moment. Drex inhaled the smell of her curly brown hair and his heart smiled.


Drex: Hi mom… Ral told me the news, congratulations :: He embrace her for no more than five seconds before they pull apart ::


Lora: Oh… He was supposed to be a secret. :: She slapped the air in false frustration with her left hand :: Come. Come and sit. You must tell us all your adventures before your  sister sniffs you out and takes you away for preparation.


Half shuffling and half walking, Drex reached the center of the room, where he was surrounded by the others.

Despite having tried in various ways, he had never managed in all those years to make them understand how much he really hated that type of situation. On the other hand, how could a Denobulan be born and raised in an overpopulated city and in a family structure which, if one also included uncles and cousins, could count a few hundred members?


For a few seconds the voices overlapped, but then one silenced the others. 


Jorx: Let him breathe :: He entered the room from the kitchen :: I’m curious to hear about his fabulous Starfleet.


Drex clenched his jaw, even ceasing the forced smile he put on for being the center of attention. When his mother stepped aside, allowing him to see past her, he stared hard into his father's smoky gray eyes.


Half of Drex’s family was home that morning. That was unexpected, especially since his half brother Ral had guaranteed him the house would have been empty.

Instead, due to his mother's unexpected pregnancy, Drex found himself facing not only his mother, but also his father, among some of his own siblings and nephews and nieces.

He has been away from home for more than a year now. The last time he visited his family, things did not go as smoothly as they should have, and an innocent remark caused a major row between Drex and his father, Jorx.

Drex left Denobula the following hour and had not spoken to his father since, but now his twin sister was getting married and made him promise to help, so he found himself, for better or worse, facing his old man.


Jorx: Nice to have you finally home, son. I hope you put some salt in that head of yours.


Drex was tempted to walk away, but with the corner of his eye noticed Ral blocking the way. The doubt that he had lied to him and the meeting was prepared crossed his mind.


Drex: Guess ain’t something you should care about. :: He spitted out :: But since you asked, I’m fine, thank you. And satisfied.


He unzipped his jacket and got a small box from the inner pocket.


Drex: Got something for you.


He approached the older Denobulan and handed him over the box.


Drex: I got promoted a few days ago. :: He ignored the small chat and congratulations the news produced on the others presents :: And Commodore Oddas gave me this for saving lives during the last mission. As you can see, I’m not wasting my time. I’m making a difference.


Jorx took the box and looked at the ribbon inside.


Jorx: Saving lifes? :: He snapped the lid shut :: You’re an architect, you save lives designing safe buildings! You…


Drex: I’m not gonna waste my license arguing with you. I already proved my point. You are scared, I understand that, but you cannot control my life!


Jorx shook his head with a snort of disbelief.


Jorx: I never wanted to control your life, but you are letting others do it. You gave up your freedom for what? This? :: He raised the box a little :: Great deal :: A grimace marred his face. ::


Lora: Leave him alone, Jorx, or leave this house now.


His mother’s interference stopped Drex as he was ready to reply. His fist twitched against his side and he managed to bite his tongue before saying anything else.


Drex: I’m the one leaving, mom, as you said a few minutes ago… I need to see Ayra.


Ral: I come with you.


Drex: No… I know the way.


Drex was upset. Not only with his father, but with Ral and the others as well. They had planned to trap him, until his mother realized there was no way the two of them could come to an agreement that way.

Without too much grace, he pushed his brother aside, making room for himself to reach the corridor and from there the exit.

When he reached the outside, Drex walked without stopping down the avenue. His gaze to the pavement, he did not pay attention to the blue spots created by the blossoming Denobulan almond trees that lined the street.

It had once been his favorite sight. He had hundreds of paintings in his laboratory, each a different attempt to photograph the magnificence of nature with the brush. He never got even close to perfection, but he never desisted, till today.


Absorbed in his thoughts, mostly focused on complaints towards his father, he reached the building where Ayra lived.

He and Ral had designed this building. A 23 floors tower, with balconies bursting with trees and shrubs. It was the first job Dorji had given him as chief architect.

As he reached the entrance, he stopped and looked at the result of his first work. He felt proud of his achievement and the clouds that darkened his heart cleared.


He entered the doorway and then the lift. His sister lived on the last floor. The rapid ascent lasted only a few tenths of a second, but it gave him time to put what had just happened in the back of his mind.

As he knocked on the door, he realized how much he had missed Ayra and how much he wanted to hug her again. He felt stupid for not coming back sooner.

He laid his hand on the sensor.

The door opened and Ayra appeared. Her black hair was dyed mid-length a bright purple. The surprise on her face was sincere and a wide smile lit up her face.


Ayra: Drex!


She threw herself around his neck, hugging him.


Drex: Easy! Easy! :: He laughed, hugging her back :: You’re gonna choke me.


He moved forward, carrying her inside the apartment.


Ayra: I missed you so much.


Drex: Let go :: He chuckled ::


Yet he was still holding her. His heart and his brain were in conflict with each other. She was his friend, his confidante and the model for all his lovers. She was, in fact, the reason why he never got married.


Drex: I need to take a shower… :: He breathed in the scent of her hair one last time. Then he let go. :: Alone. :: He added in a whisper ::


His sister took a step back with a smile, setting him free.


Ayra: When did you become so shy? :: She mocked him ::


Drex: We’re not kids anymore, Ayra. :: With a slight note of regret :: And you… :: He pointed at her :: you’re the one getting married tomorrow for the second time.


Ayra: Oh… I see… now it’s my fault, isn’t it? :: She walked away pretending to be annoyed :: Make yourself at home then.


Drex: Thank you.


He took his jacket and shoes off, placing them in order in the cabinet near the door.


Drex: Do you still have some of my old clothes? I left my things at mum’s…


Ayra: Were you there before coming here? Why didn’t you take a shower there?


Drex: Dad was there… long story…


Ayra raised an eyebrow.


Ayra: Long story? Your shuttle landed less than two hours ago. Get in the shower. I’ll get the clothes and you’re going to tell me what he said this time.


She approached again, giving orders, but he saw the concern in her gaze.


Drex: I don’t want to talk about that now, really… I…


Unexpectedly, Ayra hugged him again.


Ayra: You’re doing great, Drex. :: She whispered :: Don’t listen to him. I’m proud of you.





Ensign Drex

Science Officer

Denali Station



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