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PNPC LtJG Ollo(s) - a fistful of Ollos

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(( Quarters Ollo ))

Ollo Prime, the "original Ollo," was perched cross legged on his bed and gently rocking back and forth. Ollos 3, 4, and 9 were also seated cross legged and rocking. 3 and 4 were on the couch, and 9 was on the floor in the dining area.
Incredibly, no one figured out there were a dozen Ollos. Something happened to the holodeck before he used it, and it kept pumping out copies of Ollo. Not photonic, but real, coherent matter copies. 
Whoever said "Hell is other people" was never stuck in a LtJG-sized quarters with 11 copies of themselves. Everything he hated about himself was not externalized and highly visible. And everything he didn't need or want to know about himself was omnipresent. He had to see what he looked like when he sat down, drank from a glass, yawned... all of it. And it was invariably awkward and uncomfortable.
But they agreed: keep it secret until they could figure out the solution.  And until then.. Misery. Abject misery.
Worst of all? Ollo was forced to recognize how terrible his toupee looks. He wasn't fooling anyone. 
They'd figure a way out of this mess. Surely, they would...
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