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MSNPC Antani - Hungry and angry ants

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OOC: I did NOT expect the end of this. 
(( In the mine of Somatrik Mountains, Cheyd’lang ))
The Antani collective mind was broadcasting this visionary vision. A sort of mental song...
In the shadows, we watch. We wait. We plan. For when the moment comes, we will surge forth like a tide, our numbers our strength, our unity our weapon. The mine has been our cradle, but it shall not be our grave.
Nilsen: I think…I think they’re telling us to wait…or not. It’s most likely, based on what little I know about them, I think it means wait.
Antani: Kree'atak, Nilsen. Shara'kan te'lor voot. (Patience, Nilsen. The signs point to stillness.)
Nilsen: I was thinking of cutting, this isn’t what I had in mind when I was meal planning
Toz: ::to Nilsen:: Cutting. By cutting calories? If you go lower than 2400 calories you will lose weight and may lose muscle. And we have to have the strength to get out of here. 
Antani: Zor'kesh miru vanta. (Sharpness of mind over sharpness of appetite.)
Nilsen: Doc…I don’t wanna wait. You think you can take that one ::gestureing behind him:: while I got for the one behind you.
Toz: Nilsen… Llandon. Sherlock is gone, taken to the surface, I think. Then the XO is taken away by the owner of this place. Is there a hidden meaning here? I don’t want to rush things. At the same time, I don’t want to wait forever. Are we being tested? 
Nilsen: response
They both noticed that two of the guards were getting ready to give him another whack for stopping work. They had to choose what they do now. Do they fight, or do they wait? 
Toz: We’ve got to find the commander. ::devilish smile:: Can’t go home without him.
 Antani: Response
Klingon wanted to rush in and fight. Human wanted to lean back, watch the play and try to figure out a peaceful ending. She was only one-quarter Klingon but it was a strong quarter. 
Did Llandon trust her?  She did bring him back from the dead. So whatever she told him to do, he would most likely do, without hesitation. She decided to count on that.
Nilsen: response
Toz: ::nodding at Antani:: Wait is not in my vocabulary today. Let’s go. 
Nilsen: response
Toz: Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!  (Today Is A Good Day To Die!)
Antani: LupDujHomwIj luteb gharghmey!
Blorptag snarfle wumpus, zorg! (Which loosely translates to: Let's eat instead!)
The group of big Ants attacked one of the guards and they started literally to eat the guard. Then another one...

Lt Jg Karen Trisha Stendhal
USS Octavia E Butler

ID: C239604KS0

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