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Cmdr. John Carter - MSPNPC Federation Security Advisor Penelope Leary, " Interesting Conversations."

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President is coming to Amity to sign a peace treat, and maybe fire our Ambassador, really liked the various opinions on the Betazoids, and their way of life. Harking back to even the Dominion War and their occupation due to apathy involving the war.  This character is clearly full of perhaps bias, and pushes past it. I like that. :D

(( Executive Lounge-Federation One- En route Amity from Talax ))
Penney liked things to be fairly cut and dry, black and white. However, the universe never really seemed to work that way. Hence in working in the political realm, there were always shades of gray, and perhaps, this was one of them. However, the question on Penelope's' mind was one she wanted an answer to...
Leary: Madame President...
Narala: Yes, Penelope?
Leary: Are you going to relieve Riva Vataix from her post?
It was indeed a heavy question, and one she imagined Narala was not going to have an easy time answering. She watched as the President settled herself in one of the overstuffed chairs, crossing her legs, her fingers interlocked around her knees, her body leaning towards Penney...
Narala: What would you have me do?
Mosey: response
When Narala lifted her head, that was Penneys' cue to weigh in on the topic, which she was more than happy to do.
Leary: Well, I haven't read all the reports, but it seems like this was an accidental first contact mishap...and we are subject to the laws of any world we are in contact with. Is that right?
Narala: As well as our own.
Mosey: response
Narala: Jane, the only thing stopping me from shipping Rivi Vatiax back to her likely sizable collection of immaculate silver spoons on Betazed is the fact that the Paak had, in fact, developed warp travel. Starfleet detected a warp trail and it investigated it, clumsily or not.
Penelope suppressed a smile. The Betazoids have always been a haughty bunch, and to her, they thought way too highly of themselves. Before the Dominion War, while other planets were taking Starfleets' advice on upgrading their orbital defense capabilities, but they blew it off. Through a series of unfortunate coincidences and very bad timing, the Dominion attacked and took Betazed, and Starfleet had to devote a tremendous amount of assets and personnel to get it back. Her brother lost his life getting the planet back from the J'em Haddar.
Then, there was the destruction of the city of Ohmallera by the USS Constitution-B, hijacked by a crazed Betazoid. Over one million died in seconds. Relations with the Federation were never the same after that. To her, Betazoids were seemingly looking for outsiders to blame instead of themselves, and that tended to rub Penelope the absolutely wrong way. Now, they were flexing themselves out here with their own fracking colony. As much as she despised Betazoid haughtiness, she was not going to hold that against Rivi. She had helped to rebuild the destroyed city, and that was a point for her. Penney also had a couple of other points she wanted to bring up...after all, that is what she was here for. Taking a look out the port hole once again, Penelope spoke...
Leary: Let me ask you a question, Madame President...
Narala: response
Leary: When you were turning Nimbus Three from a laughingstock to a jewel of a colony, how many times did you stub your toe?
Leary: And when you did, did anyone come breathing down your throat, wanting your scalp?
Narala: response
Leary: Exactly. To her credit, no lives have been lost. She has had first contact with the Trevonn, a detente with the Hirogen...I say leave her alone. Her successes outweigh any perceived negatives here.
Mosey: response
Narala: Who are we to blame? The Vulcans? The Federation’s First Contact protocols originated from them. The Secretary of Justice is reviewing FDC’s and Starfleet’s reports, all of them. That will take time.
Leary: Too damn long...
Mosey: response
Narala: ::Sarcastically:: If you recall, I will no longer be President once this term ends.
The President leaned back in her chair before she spoke again...
Narala: Beginning the process for Talaxian membership of the Federation? Legacy. Firing an Ambassador based on assumption alone, during the midst of the Talaxian application for membership? Not great legacy.
Leary: No. It sullies your legacy to do that, especially with what I have just told you.
Mosey: response
Leary: Gathering facts first hand is not a bad thing. I don't know the woman, but I do know her record, just as clearly as I know yours. Get your answers, Madame President but in my opinion, the review of her being relieved needs to be shelved. Immediately.
Mosey: response
Narala: response
Leary: I call not open warfare with anyone in the quadrant a victory, and Vataix has so far achieved that. This is her time to shine, Madame President, just as you began your rise on Nimbus Three.
Crossing her legs and sipping her coffee, Penelope looked at her two cohorts. She had been blunt, but in her mind, she was dead right. Shyness had never been her strong suit...
Mosely/Narala: response
MSPNPC Penelope Leary
Federation Security Advisor
As simmed by:
Lt. Commander John Marcus Carter


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