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PNPC Ensign Poagie - In Fine Form

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As usual, @Ian OConnor is absolutely doing the work with his sense of humor. It's so good 😂



((General Office of New Aspirational Designs (GONAD), Department of Developing Organizations (DODO), Market of Commerce Building, Ferenginar))

Poagie stood in line with several data padds. He resisted the urge to yawn even though he’d been waiting in the long snake like line for hours. The minimal heat in the building and dampness in the air helped to keep him awake though. The wheels of bureaucracy ground slowly.

Finally, he was approaching the front of the line to be called up to the window. He’d spent countless hours uploading the proper requests, funneling through lower level agencies and lining the appropriate pockets. Soon Poagie-Sonic Industries was going to be a reality and he would be appropriately affluent through the leasing of the wave generator. He could almost feel the Gonko Beetle Silk suits, the premium winkle worm egg pate, and the deluxe inner lobe massages now.

Clerk: ::in monotone drone-like manner::  Next.

Poagie: ::eagerly approaching the walk-up window, despite the long wait:: May the rains cleanse you, madam. I am here to file incorporation and proprietary claims for…

Clerk: Save it for someone who cares. Look around, beetle brain. Everyone is here to do that. ::looks down at data padds:: Most of this does surprisingly seem in order. ::Looks up:: Have you submitted forms DODO-1040, IT-101101011 and FAFSA- 2399

Poagie: Of course. And as well the Sonic Guild waiver application.

Clerk: :: Fantastic. ::rolls eyes:: now for the matter of the processing fee.

Poagie: Yeah about that, I’m sure we can come to some sort of mutual arrangement to get that waived. ::he winks seductively::

ClerK: ::pulling down her glasses to the tip of her nose:: Keep dreaming, I don’t go for clearance rack.

Poagie: Hmmph. ::regrouping:: we then surely you could at least consider cutting the…

Clerk: ::looks back at documents then back up:: Wait a minute, you’re in Starfleet aren’t you?

Poagie: Ummm, well, I, you see, it’s uhh complicated. I’m more like a consultant.

Clerk: Sure you are, Consultant Ensign Paogie. ::huffs:: Subsection 72, 378.12 of the Ferengi/Federation Commerce Compliance Cooperative Compact  most famously referenced in GrubGrabbers Unlimited v. The Vulcan Bio-Science Academy states, and I quote, ::starts reciting from memory while still reviewing paperwork:: “All intellectual property, ideas, notions, artifacts, materials, fabrications, products, and/or opuses that are created, evolved, generated effectuated, induced, or schemed, while working for Starfleet are property of Starfleet and…,”::pauses:: Hmm, this doesn’t look like a half bad idea. :: looks back up at Poagie:: I’ll have to push it up to middle management to see if anyone wants to negotiate with them to further develop it. GONAD thanks you for bringing this to our attention. If you want to fill out form DoubleHA-FU and form 5u-CK-3R you are eligible for the Charitable Citizen Thank You Collector Sticker.

Poagie: Charitable?, Charitable!…don’t insult me, you mid to low salaried bureaucratic bean-counter! You can’t do this you’re stealing my idea.

Clerk: ::rolls eyes as if this scene has played out a million times and presses a red button on the counter:: Watch me you gullible penny-grub. Security.

Poagie: Wait, what are you?…stop!

Two beefy (for Ferengi) guards appear seemingly out of nowhere and grab Poagie by both arms and begin to drag him out.

Poagie: ::flailing:: Hey, cut that out. I have rights! At least I think I made my last payment to keep them active.

Security Guard number 1: Fine, three latinum and you can have your one comm call.

Poagie: Two? And maybe I won’t use it to contact brutality litigation counsel.

Security Guard number 2: ::tightens grip:: Don’t push it. Your fine just increased.

Poagie: Oww, Oww. All right, all right, fine.  :: processes data chip:: =/\= Ensign Poagie to Ronin. I have a little problem. =/\=

Any: Response



Ensign Poagie


USS Ronin NCC-34523




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