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Lt. Gnaxac - Family Matters, Or Does It?

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Gnaxac is rudely awoken by an incoming call from his arrogant sister Madri in this wonderfully biting sim.

Lt. Gnaxac - Family Matters, Or Does It? (google.com)


((Gnaxac’s Quarters, USS Gorkon))


Gnaxac was lying down in bed, twiddling his little orange thumbs. He was bored, bored, bored. A few hours after his shift had finished, he had done all of his little “life-admin” tasks, and decided that a nap was not going to be terribly productive. 


However, a nap was had and he had been awoken by something. What was it? Some kind of vague little annoying beep seemed to be piercing through his semi-conscious state. Swinging his legs to the side, he looked around and saw that the console at his desk was begging for his attention.


He walked over to it, and, letting out a sigh, answered the call.


The first sound that greeted his big Ferengi ears was the falling of heavy rain on Ferenginar. He hadn’t missed that sound, not at all, but he missed it more than the sound he heard next.


Madri: =/\= Oh finally, he answers. =/\=


His sister walked into frame and sat down. She looked eerily similar to her elder brother, but where Gnaxac’s eyes were almost always partnered with anxiety and uncertainty, Madris’s were filled with self-assurance and, dare he think it, arrogance.


Gnaxac: =/\= Hello, Madris. =/\=


Madris: =/\= What, do they not have signal on Starfleet vessels? Too cheap to afford it? I’ve been calling you for days! =/\= 


Gnaxac: =/\= I’m sorry, I’ve been b-b-busy, with repairs =/\=


Madris gave him a scathing look that even across the cosmos hurt.


Madris: I d-d-don’t care.


She spat out a mocking version of his stutter at him which made him inwardly cringe, although he was outwardly used to it and already wanted the call to end.


Gnaxac: Madris, I -


Madris: Shut up and listen, Fleeter. I’ve been offered a lucrative deal on a latinum mine on some obscure moon somewhere.


Gnaxac raised an eyebrow at that - Madris was always involved in some ludicrous get-rich-quick scheme that always resulted in her having Ktarian egg on her lobes.


Gnaxac: Right…


Madris: And those pencil pushers in daddy’s company are saying that as ::she affected a mocking tone:: “the chief shareholder” I need your p-p-permission to withdraw the money needed from the company.


Gnaxac shook his head disbelievingly. He couldn’t believe Madris would be so blatant. Well, no that was not true. He could absolutely believe it.


Gnaxac: No, Madris, I am sorry - 


Madris immediately flew into a rage, smacking her fist down next to the console, causing the call to judder slightly as the camera presumably moved.


Madris: Unbelievable! I knew you wouldn’t go for it because you’re such a small minded, unimaginative little twerp. If daddy was still alive, then he would be so ashamed of you, you - 


The call cut off as Gnaxac hung up. If he wanted to hear his sister berating him, he’d give her the special signal, which was answering her calls. Oh wait, that’s what he did. Never mind.


He went to the replicator and got himself a bowl of particularly juicy tube grubs and started to feast on them in bed, tossing bits of the shell onto the floor. Another ping alerted him to a message on his PADD. He cast an eye over it, and saw that his sister was telling him that he’d live to regret this. He shook his head, doubting it, and threw the PADD onto his bedside table.



Lieutenant Gnaxac


USS Gorkon



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