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[BELOW] Ensign Eyna - Priorities

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OOC: When your CO mentions that her character adds the replicator in her Ready Room as a priority....


((Ready Room - USS Eagle)) 


Ensign Tes Eyna walked into the room. Her hair was a mess, her uniform was a mess, she was a mess. 

Less than an hour early she was in her lab, working on some obsolete alien device, trying to figure out how to connect current interfaces to such an old technology, when the alarm had spread through the decks and a violent hurt had shaken the ship. 

All priorities changed in the blink of an eye and together with her engineer mates she rushed to grab her emergency kit and presented herself to her superior officer to claim a repairing job. 

Shields and hulls were first on the list, in good company with ODN and EPS network. At least that was what they used to teach her when she was a student; so it was with great surprise and bewilderment that she found herself heading for the Ready Room on Deck 1.

It was on her own skin that she found out that the priorities on the higher decks were very different from the ones she had expected.

She adjusted the engineering kit strap over her shoulder and straightened one of the chairs that had fallen. She took a careful look around while rolling up her sleeves and then she walked slowly around the room while reaching for an elastic in her pocket and tied her hair in a messy ponytail. 

“All right, so this is a real emergency.” 

She put another chair in order. “It must be some kind of joke.” she murmured.

“Oh my… I bet it's because the Lieutenant has discovered I made fun of her game!” she slapped her left hand to her face, leaving a dark stain of something on her forehead. “She is punishing me.” 

She sighed and crossed the room reaching for the main screen on the other side. 

She was just preparing to get her scanner ready when her PADD notified an update. 

She took the device and turned the display on to read. Her eyebrow frowned and she read the message four times to be sure she was understanding right.

“Are they serious? The replicator is the first on the list?” she commented with a dissatisfied grimace.

“The replicator in the ready room? Who in the world needs it?!” She was in disbelief.

She scrolled through the display loading the messages three times in the hope to receive some other task to fulfill, but there was only one message: fix the replicator in the ready room asap.

“If this is a joke, Tartal will pay for it.” she commented dryly as she ran the first scans on the broken technology.

An overload of the power supply had burnt one of the components of the energetic line.

It was not a big task,nor a dangerous one.

In true honesty, it was a boring task: divert the supply line from the part, isolate the part, remove the part, replace the part, power the part, test the part.

She dropped the engineering case on the floor and took the instrument to adjust the damage.

She was nearly done with the substitution of the pieces that her PADD notified her of orders.

“What’s next? Hot water in the guest's empty bathroom?” 

She read carefully, twice. “Be sure it makes good coffee. You don’t want to disappoint the Commodore.” 

Instinctively, she looked up from the PADD and glanced around to make sure no one was approaching, and if they were, that they had no more than half a pin on their collar.

She breathed a little bit easier realizing she was still alone.

“Coffee for the Commodore” she commented.

“All right then, although I sincerely believe too much coffee is death, I will support your choice of life. I am a Starfleet officer after all.”

She removed the panel covering the circuits of the replicator. A faint scent of smoke filled the air.

Easy enough, she was able to remove the broken component and substitute it with another.

As the replicator reinitialized itself she began to mentally scroll the list of her mates who could have betrayed.

Clark maybe? Or T’rr’at? Or even worse, could he be Tirin?

Names ran in her head, but she could not find a suspect beyond any reasonable doubt.

A low bip distracted her from the thoughts. The device was asking for an order.

She tipped on the screen. The typical fading in sound was accompanied by a glowing light ìin the replicator camera. A cup of glass filled with a dark brown liquid generated from nowhere.

The smell seemed good, too, bad Enya hated coffee.

“All right, you look good enough to me.” She cut it short and typed on the control panel to destroy the cup.

She closed the task on the PADD and notified her superior about the result.

She collected all her things and headed towards the door.

“Coffee.” She shook her head while exiting. “What did my granny say? From coffee you learn how darkness can make things clearer.”

Ensign Enya
Simmed by
Ensign Drex
Science Officer
Denali Station


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