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Lt. Cmdr. Kirsty Carpenter - Frontier Justice

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Today is very much the sort of day where everything is good, so everything deserves appreciation. Like this entire sim from @Kirsty L. Carpenter. The narrative descriptions of visuals and thoughts are perfect and I think everyone's with me when I say, GET 'IM, KIRSTY.




((Just Outside Cargo Bay 5, Deck 11, U.S.S. Ronin.))

((Just After The Grus Beta Three Affair.))
Kirsty hated that she was headed back down to the Cargo Bay. The rest of the crew left behind in the wake of Emzai's machinations were coming back to the ship now and there was still the incoming interrogation of B'ek (which was already on the books despite their and the Science/Med Team's continued work into the middle hours of the day before) to coordinate. 
Plus there were repairs, restocks, reports. All manner of other things that Kirsty would have rather have been doing right now. Up to and including about a three hour sonic-shower and then another three hour's kip at least before diving into the after-action work that had come to shore up Kirsty's heart and mind in a sort of rote self-care routine. 
But no, instead, she was walking back to the Cargo Bay, eyes still stinging with dried sweat and a gritty, horridly textured feeling gunk that was currently rasping at the neckline of her EVA underlay that she was trying to convince herself WASN'T defrosting Sheliak...
About to likely get into ANOTHER fight. Sure, she would be on her home turf, that concept of Home becoming more and more comfortable on her mind and tongue, and supported by the currently on duty Security duty roster. But at this point, Kos could literally do anything. He had proven that pretty resoundingly back in Landing City. He could SAY anything to. 
But she was quite done with double-talk for the millenium. Even more so done with people who thought they could lie and kill right in her face with impunity and that she wasn't going to do anything. Him "requesting" her presence spoke to some sort of move. Kirsty thought she might like to put that down as quickly as possible that way she could move onto the real things that needed her attention. 
As she turned the corner, she saw the sorry scene. The Officer of the Watch standing apart from the tableau; two sentries standing on the either side of Kos, who seemed to be sitting pretty on a bench and visibly sat up once he had seen her. It made her skin crawl slightly. Before he had been disarming and charmingly forward in a way she didn't expect him to be.
Now when she looked at him, all she could see was the sheer shock on Kipal's face. The keening wail of Emzai in her ears. Kipal might have deserved a lot of things, but that...nobody deserved that. And nobody who did that deserved Kirsty's time.
oO And yet...Oo came Ma's mocking voice in her mind. She cringed it away and bit the ancient bullet. She stomped toward the bench, holding at least four full arm's lengths away from him but close enough so she could look him in the eye. And so that he could do the same. 
Carpenter: There some reason you ain't in my Brig right now?
Kirsty snorted a deeply derisive laugh. She should have expected something like that. Especially looking like she was. Anywhere else it might be looking like she was dressed quite provocatively, but also, the average civilian might not know what this sort of gear looked like on a...let's say "slightly thicker" person.
Carpenter: Yeah, no. That moment's over, roughneck. Stand up. Or I'll make you stand up. In case you hadn't noticed-
Kirsty could feel the heat rising magnificently in her cheeks, but could do little to stop it. Instead she held her spot, breathing raggedly, raising a single finger against his admonishment. 
Carpenter: Don't you put that on me. On my crew. We HELPED you. We are STILL. HELPING. YOU. And what did you think that help entitled you to do? Kill a man right in front of us. What did you think would happen? I would just let you slide because you batted your eyes at me?
Kirsty felt her rage unfurl completely now. 
Carpenter: I AM LISTENING! I LISTENED TO YOU ON THE PLANET! You didn't even have to give me the whole story. I FELT the pressure down there. I SAW what was happening with the people. And what did you do? You found a mark. You saw how Beck and Rox and the whole team were genuinely trying, and you found a way IN. Did you even get affected by the ore? Or did you just see some dumb hayseed HAD and took advantage? No reason to lie now, Kos. It's just you and me. 
And it really was. Or at least, that's what it felt like to Kirsty. The Cargo Bay environs, the guards awaiting for the escort, it was like they had fallen away completely. There was only the space between them, the incoming answer...
And the steady flexing and reflexing of Kirsty Carpenter's ruddy, scuffed fists...


Lieutenant Commander 

Kirsty L. Carpenter


Chief of Security & Tactical

Starfleet SAR

(Marine Rank: Major)




ID: E239512QC0



(SB118 Forums)



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Honestly, I’m just trying to keep up with the rest of yall! But really this mission got great stuff out of everybody, I’m so, so happy you enjoyed this. 

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