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MSNPC Teryn Lo - Please Don't Shoot Us

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I may have a soft spot for BajCardies. Even more if they are this awesomely written like @LuxaLorana's

((Cargo Bay 5, Deck 11, USS Ronin))


Teryn Lo hadn't moved much since they had brought him here. He preferred to remain anonymous. Not because he was incredibly secretive. He wasn't exciting enough to have secrets.


He just liked his own space and the room to observe.


He was curious, he'd never been on a Starfleet vessel. He'd never really remembered being on any ship, except the intercolony shuttles, and they had long since given up on space travel. 


He must have travelled at one point, he wasn't born on Grus Beta Three. His biological mother had told him that.


Space. The final frontier they called it. The ship they were on was magnificent. He'd managed to get himself situated near a window on the runabout that had taken them here. Once he'd worked up the courage to open his eyes and the rumbling of the runabout settled after they left the planets atmosphere. 


The USS Ronin. He couldn't breath as he took the wonder of it. The beauty of her nacelles, the way in which each part of her served its own unique purpose but despite that it all worked as one. 


A sum of all it's parts. Like him. 


He was Bajoran. He was Cardassian. He was also an orphan. Of sorts.


All of these things, meant that he was alone. Even Mother Emzai hadn't favoured him like she had the others. 


He asked too many questions. Or maybe he asked the wrong questions. He couldn't quite get it right. He wanted to know things. How they worked.


Father Kipal had shown him the secret room below the administrative centre, he said that he'd be important in the experiments. This had caused Mother Emzai to become incredibly angry and she banned him from the building. He never knew what he had done wrong.


Now, he just watched as the mounting tensions rose in the cargo bay. At first the Starfleet officers were kind, courteous and respectful. 


Everyone was grateful to be free of the planet, and then more colonists came. Rumours began to circulate.


Mother Emzai had been held at gunpoint by Starfleet, and others had been shot. The planet had been attacked by the Ronin.


They were being forcibly removed and held here against their will.


Then the gold shirt officers had arrived, with weapons and now the Ronin. This beautiful emblem of safety, had begun to feel like a prison. 


He wanted to go back home. It was the only place he'd ever felt safe after his mother had abandoned him. She was a Cardassian geneticist, who had worked on the mining project with Father Kipal. 


Bris: Gorva told me they're going to take you to Cardassia. 


Teryn hadn't seen the human sidle up next to him. Bris was an orphan like him. Mean spirited in the way that children could be when everyone that was supposed to be kind to them … were never kind. For Bris, it hung around him like a shadow. 


Teryn was often the butt of his jokes and he figured he should hate Bris, but he understood him. He was angry that they'd been left. As much as Mother Emzai offered a home, and he loved her for that. He always knew that somehow that kindness came with a price and that price meant that one day they'd serve the colony too. 


Teryn: What are people saying? Really? 


Bris: :: sighs and shrugs shoulders :: They said that Father Kipal was murdered. :: genuine fear:: I don't know if I believe that. You know people talked about Kipal before. Remember? The screams? 


Teryn remembered the screams. Pure terror and rage. He still heard them in his nightmares. Kipal would look at them at times, like they were food rather than persons. It made him frightened to sleep.


Teryn: Mother Emzai will come. She will explain to Starfleet and they'll let us go. They'll see we're good. :: to Bris :: We're good, right? 


Bris: I'm human so … maybe I'll be okay. They might take me to Earth or a colony or something. You, I don't know? Bajorans won't want you and the Cardies … well you're mother didn't take you so … maybe they'll put you in a prison or something.


Teryn felt the tears begin to form, he touched the Titanium bracelet his mother had given him the night she had left. For him it was a promise, that she'd come for him one day. 


Bris grabbed him and pulled him to his feet. He nodded towards a group of Starfleet officers, one of them was a giant, colourful bird. 


Bris: Stop hiding and let's go and find out! 


Teryn allowed himself to be dragged along. 


Dekas: I’ve got Dr. Jones on their way to help out in here as well. We need to de-escalate.


Tzim-Shah/Solana/Carpenter: Response


Dekas: Absolutely. I do think having at least one of you with me might help keep things a little easier with people who are dealing with the anger part of this.


Tzim-Shah/Solana/Carpenter/Any Grus Betian NPCs: Respose


Bris: :: whispers to Teryn :: De-escalate. They've got the guns :: laughs :: Give me a gun and I'll de-escalate. 


Teryn: :: fear:: Don't make them angry at us. 


Another human joined the officers. 


Dekas: ::to Hiro:: Oh you have no idea how good it is to see you. We need all the help we can get.


Teryn thought that the bird man seemed kind. They all did. He wanted to ask the bird man questions, he'd never seen someone … so alien before. 


Teryn: :: whispers to Bris about Dekas :: What species are they? 


Bris: You've never seen an Aurelian before? Dumb big birds. My Dad used to fry them for dinner. Delicious.


Bris bent over into a bird pose, and begun to flap his arms and squawk out loud. Teryn looks at the alien, his eyes wide in horror. 


oO please don't shoot us Oo


Tzim-Shah/Solana/Carpenter/Jones/Any Grus Betian NPCs: Response



Teryn Lo (14)
Grus Beta Three 
Lt JG Luxa Lorana
Science Officer
USS Ronin
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